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2018 Summer Blogger Promo Tour: The Cookie Book Tag

Can't believe it's already A U G U S T and the Summer Blogger Promo Tour is still going strong!  For this week's post, Tiffany and I decided to do a book tag post!  After seeking high and low on Google, we decided to do The Cookie Book Tag that we found on Kelly's blog!

C H O C O L A T E   C H I P | A Classic Book That You Love or Really Enjoyed

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery is definitely on the top of my favorite classic list.  I recently reread the first book and have the intention to reread the entire series.  I absolutely love Anne and she sees the beauty in everything from words to people to nature.  I really admire her for that and love her personality in general even though I can see it being a bit tiring after a while! 😂

T H I N   M I N T S | A Fandom That You Really Want to ‘Join’ and/or a Hyped-Up Book You Want To Read

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard for sure!  I have heard SO MANY good things about this series and it has a solid 4* review on Goodreads with about 400k ratings.  That's insane!! So I definitely need to pick these books up ASAP which is a good thing that I recently purchased the first three books in this series.  Time to get reading!

S H O R T B R E A D | An Author You Can’t Get Enough Of

Completely deviating from YA and heading to women's fiction because I love Kristin Hannah.  I have read numerous novels of hers and they literally never fail to tug at my heart and emotions.  Most of her books are a bit daunting in their size but they're honestly so good that it goes by so quickly.  If you haven't had the chance to check out one of her books then definitely do so when you can!

S A M O A S | An Emotional Rollercoaster

I am again deviating from YA lol but I really wanted to pick this one as the emotional rollercoaster pick.  Pachinko by Min Jin Lee is phenomenal.  I loved how Min Jin portrayed the various generations and how each generation faced their own struggles as they navigated a foreign country during a time of war.  There were so many obstacles and so many triumphs that this book made me incredibly emotional while reading it.  

O R E O S | A Book Whose Cover Was Better Than The Story OR Vice Versa, Where The Story Was Better Than Its Cover

This was such a pretty cover but unfortunately the story in Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popovic fell really flat for me.  There were some unique concepts and it had a lot of potential.  However, the execution wasn't the greatest for me.  On the other hand, this is the first in a series so perhaps the author will improve as the series continue.  I just honestly had a lot of expectation going in because the cover was just so gorgeous.

T A G A L O N G S / P E A N U T   B U T T E R   P A T T I E S | A Book That Wasn’t What You Expected

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green is literally the perfect example of a book that I was expecting to go a certain way and it ended up veering off in a completely different direction.  And not in a good way either.  I even spent an entire video discussing my woes about this book and how all of my expectations fell completely flat.  I WAS JUST SO DISAPPOINTED OKAY.

S N I C K E R D O O D L E S | A Book You May Never Stop Rereading/ Loving

My first reaction was to pick Harry Potter because who honestly could actually stop loving that series. However, I wanted to share this beloved book that I used to read back in elementary school (honestly, what was I doing reading a 350+ page book when I was only 8 or maybe 9).  Redwall by Brian Jacques is the first book in a series that I honestly think is under-hyped.  Brian Jacques had the amazing ability to weave a fantastic story featuring talking animals and tons of adventure.  Those who know about it absolutely love it and those who don't know about it...well, they're missing out.  To be honest though, I haven't touched this series in years and only read about halfway because there are literally 22 books.  However, now that I am thinking about it, maybe I should go pick them up.


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