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The Shining by Stephen King

The Shining by Stephen King
Published January 28, 1977
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This is probably one of the most classic horror novels that I am aware of; however, I think this book was a slight disappointment for the most part.

So I finally got a chance to read this classic book and while I found the overall plot to be intriguing and certainly a little scary, I thought that the writing style to be quite messy and confusing.  After reading another of Stephen King’s book (well, I listened to it via audiobook), I honestly do not think that his writing style is my style at all.  His plots are always good but the execution and the way how he writes seems very erratic and unclear.  He doesn’t write in a straight forward fashion.  Instead, he writes an excess amount of details that isn’t necessary as well as jumping from perspective to perspective.  All in all, it made the book quite confusing and there were a few times when I felt like I could not follow it as well as I would have liked to.

As for the scary aspect of it, it was certainly creepy especially as the book progressed.  In the beginning, Stephen King was still laying the foundation of the book so there weren’t that many scenes that was actually creepy.  However, by the second half, that’s when things started to get real.  And since I actually watched Ready Player One recently where one of the obstacles was going through the entire movie of The Shining, there was that one specific scene in the bathtub which freaked me out.  It wasn’t because it was super scary but because I saw the scene play out in a movie already so my own imagination went on over gear. 

The one thing that I wish Stephen King went into more details was the whole shining part.  I mean, it’s clearly important since the book is named after it but he didn’t give much information in terms of where or how or why Danny, the little boy, had the shining.  I also wish he discussed a bit more about Tony and the origin of that.  In general, I thought the whole “shining” aspect was a bit vague.

At the end of the day, I don’t think I will pick up the second book.  I think I need to go on a Stephen King break or something because I already read two of his books this year and I think that’s enough for now.  Plus I am honestly not that invested with Danny to read a book where he is now all grown up.


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