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Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between by Lauren Graham

Talking as Fast as I can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between by Lauren Graham
Published November 29, 2016
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Lauren talked a lot about how surreal it was for her to be filming Gilmore Girls after so many years and to me, reading this book felt the same way.  It was this surreal experience and I’m not entirely sure why.

First of all, I do want to disclose that I have never watched the original Gilmore Girls and it was only because of a group of friends binging on the Netflix series that I was introduced to the Gilmore Girls edition 2, nine years later.  And even then, I only watched the first two or three episodes because at that time, we did not realize that each episode was 90 minutes long and thus we were running quite late into the night already.  I also never went back and finished the last episode or two… So with that being said, my only useful knowledge of Lauren Graham was the fact that this book won Best Humor for 2017 in the Goodreads Choice Awards.

So there are a few things that I wanted to point out while reading this book.  Lauren has a really unique sense of humor, if I can even call it that.  It’s funny but more of a dry ha-ha kind of way.  In fact, I would call most of her jokes corny because they’re so lame that they’re kind of funny.  She also really enjoyed adding quite a number of parentheses notes riddled throughout the book that added humor (and again, dry humor, really – see what I’m doing here?).   However, at the end of the day, I can’t imagine how this book won Best Humor because it really wasn’t all that funny.  Yes, there were a few chuckles here and there but overall, I would not really categorize this book under Humor yet alone win the Humor category.  Mind-blowing stuff, really.

Despite the fact that I didn’t find this book incredibly funny, I did find myself debating about watching Gilmore Girls, the original series from so long ago.  The only reason why I’m a bit hesitant to pick it up now is because I’m not sure if I would enjoy the show since 1) I don’t like watching shows that are old due to the graininess of it especially with the first season 18 years ago and 2) Lauren mentioned that the beginning of the first episode is quite slow and nothing really happens until later.  And knowing me, if the first episode is slow then I definitely don’t have the patience to watch 7 seasons of it.  But I did check to make sure that Netflix did have the entire series available so if I do decide to pick it up, at least I have the option to.

So overall, as far as nonfiction goes, this wasn’t as terrible as I had originally thought – I really do hate any nonfiction books.  However, this book was relatively short at only 200 pages and it took me only a full day to finish it.  Not too bad, I think.


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