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The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
Published between 2012-2015
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Definitely one of the better YA series that I have read in a while and I really enjoyed this one especially since the series includes multiple retellings from some of my favorite fairy tales.  I loved how the author managed to include so many retellings into one series.  I mean, there was Cinderella (obviously), Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and Snow White.  I also really liked how the author included fae-like qualities such as glamour for the Lunar people.  It was just a whole lot of mish-mash from fairytales to fantasy and despite it involving so many qualities, it all somehow worked out really well.

I absolutely loved Cinder – I found her character to be compelling and admiring.  She’s intelligent and brave especially knowing full well what might happen with Levana, the current Lunar Queen.  She’s also incredibly relatable especially with her self-esteem and self-confidence.  All of us struggled with that at one point and she definitely did as well with her robotic half.  However, it’s how you go about it that is what’s important and I was glad to see that Cinder learned to love who she was completely.

All of the characters were fantastic – Winter, Scarlet, Cress, Wolf, Thorne, Wolf and Kai.  They all brought along their own personal issues such as low self-confidence to pride to anger and how they all developed throughout the series was captured really well.  They all matured during the books and I’m so glad to see how they all turned out.  However, I was a smidge disappointed with Wolf’s outcome especially after that last surgery but I have to really admire Scarlet to still see past that and love who he is inside.

Honestly there is just so much I can say for all of the characters that I can go on forever but to make things short, I absolutely loved them all.  Out of all of the “side” characters, I would have to pick Thorne as my favorite.  I loved his sarcasm and hilarious quotes.  He definitely made the entire series to be a lot funnier otherwise and despite his earlier womanizing ways, I loved how he changed for Cress.

This series had everything I would require: action, romance, sci-fi, and tons of adventure.  There was definitely a lot of genres involved with this chronicle but overall incredibly amazing.


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