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Blog Tour: The Flames by Kyle Prue

The Flames by Kyle Prue
Published April 25, 2017
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A 3.5* review.

I remember really, really enjoying the first book in this series and was actually trying to find the second book to pick up (none of my libraries carried it) when I saw that the second book was also going to be available for an audiobook blog tour so I snapped it up.  Honestly, I think I enjoyed the first book a lot more.  This one was also good but somehow I just didn’t find myself as engaged as I was in the previous novel.  I found myself often distracted and lost in the plot and it took me a long while before I found myself immersed into the story again. 

I still enjoyed the major characters (Neil, Lily, Darius and Rhys) and was glad to see them working well together and learning to trust one another more despite growing up hating each other’s’ families.  I thought that showed a lot of maturity on their end and really liked that aspect of the character development. 

The main reason why I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did for the first book was because a lot more characters were introduced and the author allowed almost all of them to have their own POV so it ended up becoming more distracting for me as a reader.  And since I had listened to this book via an audiobook, too many POVs and not enough distinction between the characters can be really hard to navigate.  This is probably the main reason why I found myself getting distracted a lot and being lost.  I liked the new characters but didn’t really see a need for them to have their own POVs at time.

As for the plot, I am glad to find the plot growing more and more complex with the new Lightborns coming into play and realizing that there weren’t just 3 families.  It is definitely getting more intriguing and I’m excited to read the third book (if it shows up in my library at some point).

Overall, I’m definitely invested to see how Neil Vapros will become this “savior” and how everyone else will turn out.


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