Friday, February 9, 2018

Blog Tour: A Witch's Path by N. E. Conneely

A Witch's Path by N.E. Conneely
Published September 4, 2014
Summary on Goodreads
*I had received this book as an audiobook for a blog tour and it was part of a box set with the first three books in this series.

The best part of this book was by far the T-Rex.  It came as a shock to me that this creature even existed despite the fact that it technically wasn’t alive but still.  At first, I was more surprised that this T-Rex showed up and the best part came when Michelle “adopted” it and described it as the world’s largest dog but with a much greater intelligence level. 

Other than that exciting tidbit, I enjoyed the book a lot.  I’m glad that the relationship between Elron and Michelle are slowly developing into something more that it can actually be seen as realistic.  They’re getting to know each other slowly and they’re starting to like what they see in the other.  Or at least, in Michelle’s case, she’s starting to appreciate his help and interference more.

My favorite part is still Michelle’s job and how she navigates various different crazy situations and how almost all of them entails some magical creature.  I really enjoy how the plot isn’t one-dimensional as in there are multiple layers.  There is obviously Michelle’s job and the everyday – almost average – problems, then there are the more serious ones such as the abduction of her best friend, and finally, as the plot and book continues, there is an inkling that some far more dangerous is at play (i.e. evil sorceress wanting her dead, etc.)

I’m really excited to see how the third book develops and what happens when the power behind the sorceress is revealed and what that means for Michelle.  



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