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An Inheritance of Ashes by Leah Bobet

An Inheritance of Ashes by Leah Bobet
Published October 6, 2015
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If there was only word to describe this book, it would be odd.  This book was so weird.  It was definitely one of those books that drew me in because of that gorgeous cover.  I either love really colorful/obviously pretty covers or covers like these where it’s chromatic and simple.  And it was honestly a struggle for me to finish this book. 

I took this book with me in France and sometimes that can be a huge miss because while I’m traveling, it can be hard for me to focus on a single book and the last time I did this (ahem, Roseblood), I found myself absolutely hating that book.  This time; however, I didn’t hate the book but I certainly don’t love it.  I found it incredibly confusing and slow.  At the end of the book, I wasn’t entirely sure what really happened.  It was as if I was paying attention and then suddenly, somewhere halfway through the book, I lost track and suddenly the book is over and I got spit back out to reality.

Like I stated, the pacing of the book is incredibly slow which contributed to the slow development of the characters specifically Hallie as well as the world building.  From the beginning of the book, I’m made aware that this war was fought and won but not too much details on who or what they were fighting against.  It was also not really clear in terms of what the “Twisted Things” were.

For some of the plot twists, some were super obvious such as who exactly Heron was and others were definitely a surprise such as what happened to Thom.  However, the most surprising was the identity of the god in the story.  And honestly, when that was revealed, it felt like a letdown.  The author and the rest of the book amped it up to be this amazing thing and when I finally discovered what it was, I was more like “seriously, that’s it?”  It was certainly surprisingly – just a disappointed surprise.

I also wasn’t particularly fond of Hallie – she definitely had a lot of issues in terms of her family aka sister as well as her own social circle.  It seemed as if she was always struggling to get others to understand her which is why there were so many misunderstandings between her and the villagers around her.  I also found her to be a bit slow at times in terms of the progression of the plot.

Overall though, I didn’t particularly enjoy this book.  It could have had a lot of potential but I think the execution wasn’t done right.  Also, the writing style wasn’t one that I particularly enjoyed.


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