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Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee

Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee
Published May 24, 2016
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So I picked up this book for my Read Harder challenge and I’m glad I did.  I’m usually not a huge historical fiction fan but I enjoyed this book a lot.  I found it engaging and it was a delightful read.

Mercy Wong was certainly a character – in a both good and bad way.  There were a few incidences in the beginning where I found her aggravating because she had a short fuse and would blow up at every other turn, it seemed.  However, as the book progressed, I got to know her bit more and she also matured along the way so by the end of the book, I came to really like her as a person.  She was resourceful, intelligent and inquisitive (in a good way).  I admired how she would find ways to get around things specifically getting into that exclusive boarding school and then later using those same wits to survive the aftermath of the earthquake.  She was definitely an admirable person.

I also enjoyed reading about the other characters specifically Francesca.  There were so many diverse characters which I loved and I liked how even during that turmoil time, there were people who were so willing to lend that extra set of hands as well as people who didn’t want to provide any help.  You can definitely tell who was who and by seeing how someone react in that crazy time is a huge indicator as to what kind of person they were. 

The plot was highly entertaining – there were a lot of fun scenes as well as a lot of emotional and realistic moments.  As stated above, after Mercy succeeded getting into that exclusive boarding school and somehow had to convince everyone that she was a Chinese heiress from China despite the fact that she was born and raised in SF, there were so many scenes when she was “tested” and had to come up with complete bogus ceremonies that left me LOL so hard.

Overall, great book.  It was certainly an interesting read and I didn’t realize until it happened that this was based on the earthquake of 1906 and that struggle and confusion in the aftermath.  This book definitely let me on a roller coaster of emotions – funny, sad, confused, heartbroken, hope, and many more.  I would definitely recommend this one.


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