Friday, January 12, 2018

Just One Day Series by Gayle Forman

Just One Day Series by Gayle Forman
Published between 2013-2014
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There are some books where you should read and then there are some books where you have to read.  I have to say, these books fall in that latter category.  I absolutely loved these books!  Just One Day spoke to my heart, Just One Year spoke to my mind and Just One Night spoke to my inner romance.  These books were so beautifully written that when it ended, I just wanted more.  I wanted to live inside these books and be exposed to Willem and Allyson 24/7.  I even ended up rereading Just One Night simply because I couldn’t get enough. 

Everything in these two books plus a novella was literally so good.  I loved Allyson and Willem to bits.  Allyson seemed like my kind of girl – orderly, planned and whatnot. The only difference between me and her is that I love to travel as well whereas she doesn’t seem as interested in exploring until that fateful encounter with Willem.  I loved Willem – now I have this intense desire in going to Amsterdam to meet my own Dutch boy.  Though, Amsterdam has been on my to-go list for a very long time but this series has really driven that incentive way up. 

The one thing that really drove these books to my heart was that they were so completely relatable – the fact that you can meet someone and then lose all contact with them due to circumstances or whatnot.  And then there’s that desire to reconnect and there’s just no way.  The crazy thing is that both of them were trying to find the other with no result and the only way that they finally met up again is that both of them were trying so hard.  If it was only one person who felt that need to find the other, it wouldn’t have happened.  It required both of them and I see that as a symbolism for any relationship – that it needs both parties to work hard for it to succeed.

The one thing that blew my mind was how far they went in trying to find each other.  For one, Allyson went through an intense digital search for him, called every single bar in the vicinity to find that one person who could possibly connect the two and even learned an entirely different language to help ease the search.  And then for Willem, he actually went all the way to Mexico to find her.  That just showed so much dedication from both of them that I was honestly flabbergasted.  Would anyone today really go to that length? 

Another thing that I found delight in reading was how much that one day impacted both of their lives.  For most people, one day really isn’t enough to get to know someone much less then proceeding to spend another year remembering and changing your life for the better.  The book delivered a lot of hope in my opinion that maybe if we can just connect with that one person then things can change.

I absolutely loved the novella at the end – it did do a good job in wrapping things up between the two of them.  I just wish there was more especially in the NY side of things since there were so many people from Allyson’s life that was rooting for the two of them.  After reading this series though, I’m not sure why it’s on the ALA list of banned/challenged books but I’m so glad that it is so I was able to read them for my Read Harder challenge. 

All in all, AMAZING books – you really don’t hear that kind of sentiment too much from me but honestly, these books were so good.  I would read them all over again.


  1. I liked how all three pieces are in the same book. When I first read the first two novels, I couldn't believe she ended the story that way and was delighted a novella was available that wrapped things up for us. I appreciate the novella being in the book instead of only available through an e-reader because those of us who still read hard copies like to have the full set of stories that we like.

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    1. Right?! I'm so glad for the novella - I think I reread it immediately because it was just so good. I think I might have to go reread this entire series again because it's such a good pick me up when you're feeling a bit down with life and it gives you such hope in finding that one special person to make that connection with.