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The Malediction Trilogy by Danielle L. Jensen

The Malediction Trilogy by Danielle L. Jensen
Published between 2014-2017
Summary on Goodreads
I feel like this is a trilogy that is relatively underrated but actually shines through.  And I’m referring to the fact that I don’t really see any of these books that much on social media or any other reviewers hyping it up.  However, I am really glad I got a hold of these books.  I had somehow entered the author’s giveaway to win the audiobooks for the entire trilogy plus her latest novella and I am so glad I won! 

The books were amazing.  I loved the characters, the plot, the writing, pretty much everything in these books.  Let’s delve into the plot first.  Basically the premise of this story revolves around trolls and how they are trapped under the mountain and have been trapped for the past half millennial because of a witch.  To break the curse, they have to somehow kill the witch but since they can’t leave the mountain to search for her, they’re stuck in a bind.  Enters Cecile, a farmer’s daughter with dreams to become a singer on stage at the biggest city on the Isle.  She gets kidnapped and is forced to bond with the troll prince, Tristan.  During her stay under the mountains, she starts to befriend the fellow trolls and actually starts to wish for their freedom as well.  So that’s basically the gist of the plot with tons of action and romance involved as well.  There were definitely a few key plot twists that made the story that much more interesting and I found myself extremely engrossed the books.  The narrator also did a phenomenal job with voicing all of the key characters and it really made the story so much more entertaining.

I definitely fell in love with the characters.  Cecile, Tristan, Chris, Sabine, the twins and everyone else just felt all so dear to me at the end.  Obviously Cecile and Tristan are the main characters and they both have a lot of strong qualities about them and shortcomings that really complemented each other.  Cecile was kidnapped and taken to a strange place where she encountered trolls, a mythical legend by that point.  Rather than simply whining and freaking out, she actually took charge of it.  And that’s what I like – a strong female character.  She was smart and resourceful with just the right amount of girl-ness in her to make her seem realistic and relatable.  She definitely had her moments when she freaked out but then she would put her head together to figure out a solution.  And that’s something I can really admire.

As for Tristan, you can definitely tell that he grew up in a royal setting because he liked to be in control.  However, once bonded with a human girl (something completely unheard of), he started to realize that his control only went so far which allowed him to learn how to trust in others.  In the beginning, I was kind of iffy on his character but as the story progressed, you can see how much he matured and grew which is vital for a character. 

The side characters were all so amazing.  I loved the interactions between Cecile and her human childhood friends, Sabine and Chris, and how much they were willing to go to save her.  Even though they were wary about the trolls at first but because they trusted in Cecile, they learned to trust in them as well.  Those relationships cannot be created on a whim and I don’t really see those kinds of relationships anymore these days.  I’m referring to real life and that’s my cynical side coming out.  Anyways, Tristan’s troll friends were also wonderful in creating and continuing the story.  They all played pivotal roles.  I especially enjoyed the twins because they definitely provided a lot of comic relief.

The writing style was also beautifully done.  I liked the alternating perspectives between Tristan and Cecile – I definitely wish there were more Tristan’s POV in the books though because his perspectives would be more sprinkled throughout the chapters which the books more heavily focused on Cecile instead.  His perspectives would have been especially nice in the first book because I don’t think I heard from him till a good quarter or halfway through and then I was like “ohhh, Tristian is here as well.”

Overall, fabulous series.  It was definitely underrated and I didn’t really know what to expect but I am incredibly glad that I won these audiobooks because this trilogy is definitely a hidden gem.



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