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The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington

The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington
Published January 1, 2013
Summary on Goodreads
I remember enjoying Kim’s other previous novel so I was pretty psyched to pick up this one as well.  Plus it’s a paranormal book with ghosts in it so I figured why not.  The book itself was a quick read and while some of the plot was easy to figure out, there was a plot twist at the end that I did not see coming.  The characters were also easy to relate to and while they weren’t super well-developed, it was fine.

Regarding the plotline, I was pleasantly surprised to find a plot twist at the end.  I was honestly expecting someone else to be the murderer and when the true murderer emerged, I was definitely not expecting it at all.  It was just so different than what I had imagined.  I also like the detective work going on especially with Jade trying to make a list of suspects and going about her way to solve the mystery.  Though, technically, she didn’t really want any part of it but was basically “persuaded” to see it through.

As for the characters, I think out of all of them, I actually appreciated Jade the most mainly because I admired her loyalty and her protectiveness over her little brother.  Honestly, if this situation occurred to me, I would have ran like cross country to get away from a vengeful ghost before the whole possession thing occurred.  However, for Jade, she actually didn’t mind confronting the ghost and would actually try to communicate with her on multiple occasions.  That’s either called guts or stupidity – I still haven’t figured out which one.

For Kayla, the “antagonist” in the story, I really didn’t like her at all.  In her journal entries, I really hated her personality and her inability to care about anyone else other than herself (and maybe the mysterious guy).  But the weird thing I found was why she cared about the guy because she clearly didn’t care about anyone else yet somehow she was into this guy and she didn’t mention why.  He didn’t seem particularly special to me.  And yes I agree that her need to find out who murdered her was important but I don’t think it warranted her taking over someone’s body and using that as leverage to get others to help her.

I mean, at the end of the day, the story was still interesting with the right pace for the action and with relatively relatable and somewhat likable characters.  I definitely liked the author’s other novel more but this was a decent paranormal ghost possession revenge book.



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