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Darcy & Rachel Series by Emily Giffin

Darcy & Rachel Series by Emily Giffin
Published between 2004-2005
Summary on Goodreads
What a fascinating read for both books!  I read these books via audiobooks and I thoroughly enjoyed them both.  The first book focused on Rachel while the second focused on Darcy which took place right after the first book ended.  I actually really liked this format because I was genuinely interested to see Darcy’s side of things after the whole fiasco in the first novel.

So the first book focused on Rachel who was Darcy’s maid in honor and based on the synopsis, you already know that somehow she ends up in bed with Darcy’s fiancé, Dex.  And obviously craziness ensues with lots of laughter, tears and anger.  To be honest, the ending of the book was already incredibly obvious – it was with no doubt what will happen at the end.  My only interest was finding out how exactly it would end, the process and what Rachel’s best friend would ultimately do.  So I’m glad that there’s a second book that focused specifically with Darcy because the whole book pretty much answered “what would Rachel’s best friend ultimately do with the ultimate betrayal”. 

The one thing I would say about Something Borrowed was that (actually two things, really) I couldn’t really see the spark between Dex and Rachel.  Like, I thought maybe he was secretly in love with her since college but that clearly wasn’t the case so I wasn’t really sure what exactly he saw in her.  The only commonality they had was the fact that they’re both so serious.  Also, I was a little perturbed by how calm he always was in crazy situations.  For example, the day after they hooked up for the first time, he was so calm about it and was just like “ok so this is what happened…”  It really made me wonder if he was secretly a psychopath or something.  The second thing was I just can’t believe how Rachel and Darcy stayed friends all this time.  They were pretty much polar opposites with Rachel all sensitive and smart and Darcy probably the shallowest bitch ever.  Their friendship was just all wrong to me.

Since I was already a little turned off by Darcy in the first book, I was most definitely grossed out by her personality in the second book.  I honestly can’t see anyone ever liking her whatsoever.  The first quarter of her book was her reeling after the fact that her best friend slept with her fiancé.  However, considering the fact she also slept with someone else (I’m not going to mention who) and didn’t take any blame for herself was just ridiculous.  Not to mention, the entire time, she just couldn’t believe Dex and Rachel would actually be together since she thought Rachel was so plain.  Girl, that’s so messed up – calling you best friend plain and then not rooting for her happiness even though you clearly knew that you and Dex were all wrong for each other.  I honestly wanted to strangle her throughout the entire book.  I seriously have to give kudos to Ethan for even putting up with her.  But, admittedly, after being yelled at by Ethan for being shallow and whatnot, she did start to change and towards the end, I actually found her tolerable. 

I really liked Ethan in the first book and in the second book, I liked him even more.  Out of the two men, I most definitely liked Ethan much better.  He was more real and down-to-earth whereas Dexter seemed a little cocky in my opinion.  I don’t think that was on purpose but it just seemed that way.

Overall, I found the books to be entertaining even though I really didn’t like Darcy.  I really enjoyed the ending though because it nicely wrapped everything up.  



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