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Zombie Blondes by Brian James

Zombie Blondes by Brian James
Published June 24, 2008
Summary on Goodreads
I’m pretty sure this has been on my TBR pile for ages now so I was pretty excited to finally find a library that actually had a copy of this book for me to check out.  The book was an incredibly easy read – it took me only a few hours to finish.  It was engaging and entertaining.  It was definitely not a book where you had to think a lot on.

Originally I had wanted to read this book because of the zombie element in it.  But I felt that during the book, that element wasn’t super prevalent other than the fact that Lukas, Hannah’s only “real” friend, kept talking about them.  It wasn’t at all obvious that they were zombies – they ate real food, talked like real people and overall acted like they were normal albeit a bit intense with super pale skin.  It wasn’t until nearly the end when their zombie characteristics started to show that I was like “oh finally! Zombies!” 

Hannah was your average teenager – I didn’t feel like there was anything particular interesting about her.  Apparently she was prettier than average which is why she was even allowed in the “popular” group but she lacked the confidence to really play that off.  She was very shy and felt intimidated from everyone.  For someone who moved around a lot, it was weird that she still felt cut off from the rest of the school.  At that point, you either figure out how to best fit in or to simply not care since you’ll be moving in a few weeks anyways.  However, for Hannah, she still cared deeply so I thought that was a little strange.  She cared a little too much for someone who knew she was leaving.

The one thing that kind of weirded me out was the whole father-daughter relationship and the history behind them.  It was never really clear as to why Hannah’s dad was on the run.  There was a brief mention about how he used to be a cop and now people are after him for money but somehow he can never be a cop again.  I just don’t really understand how that’s relevant and I wish there was more information on it.  Also, it was quite strange for him to simply leave her and never really cared about Hannah’s opinions about anything.  I mean, he cared in terms of making sure she’s okay and whatnot but other than that, he never really consulted with her or made sure she was on the same page.  Definitely a dysfunctional family.

The ending was terrible – I’m still not entirely sure what happened.  It pretty much left it completely open-ended so the reader can decide for themselves.  I’m very disappointed in this because I wanted to know if she got away safely or not or what even happened to Lukas at the end.  It was all a mess and could have ended a lot better.

Overall, it was an easy read and while entertaining, I don’t think I’ll recommend it.  The ending was no good and there are a lot of better zombie books out there.



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