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The Palace Chronicles Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix

The Palace Chronicles Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Published between 1999-2015
Summary on Goodreads
I’m actually quite shocked that this series took 16 years to write.  You see some series where the author practically vomits out books and publishes like 20 books in 5 years and then you see authors who take their sweet ass time writing and publishes 3 books in 16 years.  It’s crazy, really.  Anyways, that’s all for my little tidbit for the day.

Moving along with the actual review, I thought these books were quite fun.  It seemed as if the author originally wanted the books to be a fairytale retelling with obviously Cinderella as the main theme but then she kind of went astray with this whole other kingdom in books two and three that can also be seen as a spinoff for the dancing twelve princess story.  But I’m not even sure if the last two books are actually spinoffs for the twelve princess story because it wasn’t as if there were 12, there were actually 13 and there was no dancing involved but that’s the closest similarity I can think of.  So, at the end, the only thing I can say for certain is that book one is definitely a Cinderella retelling.

Book one was fun – I enjoyed reading about Ella but she didn’t really seem to know what she wanted for most of the book.  Even though she didn’t really like being told what to do, she still went along with it for the most part until the really end when she finally decided to break out and escape.  It was interesting though because she was portrayed as a girl who was a little confused at times but still semi-headstrong but since she was still an important character in the rest of the series, she was later portrayed as the mature one.  Personally I didn’t really see any major growth in her character in the first book so it was a little surprising to find that people regarded her highly and whatnot as the books continued.

Book two and three mainly followed along Desmia and Cecilia as well as the other eleven princesses.  It was obvious that something crazy was happening and to be honest, the ending was a bit obvious.  I don’t think there were really any other way for it to end.  It was more of the journey to the ending as opposed to the ending itself that was fun to read.  In the last book, the conclusion felt very rushed because it seemed that the author just wanted to squeeze everything into the epilogue even though it could have clearly been drawn out a little longer with a more comprehensive ending. 

Overall, the books were entertaining and a quick read.  I thought they were fun so if you’re looking for a light, summer read with a fairytale element to it, then definitely check these out.



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