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The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash by Candace Ganger

The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash by Candace Ganger
Published July 25, 2017
Summary on Goodreads
The one thing that struck out to me for this book was the title – I mean, Bash? Birdie?  Are these real names or just nicknames?  I was really curious and honestly I think that was one of the main reasons why I picked this book up.  Glad to find out that Bash was the nickname for Sebastian but for Birdie, unfortunately, that’s her real name.  I’m really not sure what her parents were thinking when they came up with that name because her sister and brother had normal names.  But anyways, moving on to the actual book.

The overall premise is that Birdie and Bash meet at this party and sparks fly; however, nothing happens due to circumstances and before they can be reunited again, they are set along this collision path that is linked by this horrific tragedy.  It’s a tragedy where they stand on opposite ends – the victim and the guilty.  As they reunite again, they don’t realize that they are already set on this collision course and they obviously fall in love because it’s a YA novel and they always fall in love.  So basically that’s the general gist of the plot.

For me, the most suspenseful thing was simply knowing what exactly this terrible tragedy was and how each one played a role in it and then slowly watching as the dominos fall as everything came into play.  Obviously I knew how things were going to end – at the end of the day, YA is still YA and happy endings are still pretty much a given.  The one thing I was more surprised with was the “guardian angel” that came and helped one of them out.  I wasn’t sure how the author was going to play it but I was definitely a little surprised.  I did think that the author did a cop out simply because it was the easy way out.  I definitely wish there was more of a trial or issue to the conclusion of the story.

The relationship between Birdie and Bash was a little far-fetched for me mainly because they only met each other once at the party where, yes, a great conversation was held but that was it.  They later found out that they were part-timing at the same job but still didn’t have too much of an interaction either. They were more coworkers than real friends.  And the romance was also super short-lived.  They only went on one real date and that was pretty much the end to their relationship.  Yet somehow they fell in love with each other.  I’m just sitting here feeling a bit skeptical about the whole thing.  I’m not saying it wasn’t cute but I didn’t really sense the attraction as much nor did it seem realistic in any way.

Overall, I thought the book was okay.  It was cute and while there were some heavy topics, the overall ambiance of the book was entertaining and relatively easy to read.  The plot felt a little overdone because I know that other similar books are out there so it wasn’t anything new.  The only new thing was the collision theory detail.  So it felt like a book I had read previously with different characters.  



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