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Tangled by Carolyn Mackler

Tangled by Carolyn Mackler
Published March 11, 2009
Summary on Goodreads
So I feel like the synopsis for this book is misleading.  I was under the impression that the whole story will take place at Paradise in this one week duration and will significantly impact four separate lives.  That is definitely not the case. 

Jena’s story was up first and hers was really the only one that took place in Paradise.  While she seemed like a sweet, down-to-earth girl, she clearly had a lot of image issues during her story.  She was always being super conscious of herself and how fat she was except the author never really talked about how fat she really was.  So I’m not even sure if she was fat or if she was just comparing herself to the skinny family friend, Skye.  While I enjoyed reading about her story, I thought what was most interesting was how her time at Paradise with Skye and vacation boy, Dakota, actually changed her because the next time you see her, in Skye’s story, she doesn’t seem like the same person.

The next story up was Dakota’s and his story took place a few weeks or so after the Paradise vacation and I’m not even sure how Paradise changed him.  In fact, he barely referred to that vacation at all except for being annoyed with his mother and brother.  Other than that, I’m not at all sure how Paradise played a role in him.  In fact, the only growing up he did was during his week in exile with his grandparents.  After that, he changed for the better.  So again, I think the synopsis for the book was quite misleading.

In Skye’s story, you really start to understand where she comes from.  When she’s first introduced in Jena’s story, she came off as aloof and way too cool for normal people considering she was a budding actress.  So this story was really interesting because not only do you start to understand Skye more but you also get to see how auditions work.  Also this story took places months after the whole Paradise vacation.  And again, I’m not really sure how Paradise came into play because the only mention about it was Skye feeling a bit of regret for “stealing” Jena’s vacation guy.  However, her story actually dealt with some real topics such as depression and suicide so honestly I liked her story best.  It felt more realistic compared to the other ones.

Finally in the last story, we deal with Owen who is actually Dakota’s brother – the one Dakota was annoyed with during the entire Paradise vacation.  He’s portrayed as the skinny, tall and awkward red-headed kid who is mostly nerdy and is always on his computer tapping away.  What I found most interesting about his story was how it circled back to the beginning so the story ends at a full circle.  Out of the two brothers, I did enjoy reading more about Owen because he seemed more real with his awkwardness and social problems.  I thought the author portrayed his gawkiness really well especially as an adolescent teenage boy.

Overall, the book was just okay – it was interesting to read about each individual story and how one impacted the other.  I just didn’t get the whole Paradise reference much.  If you have spare time, you can check this out otherwise I would say pass.




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