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Edelstein Trilogy by Kerstin Gier

Edelstein Trilogy by Kerstin Gier
Published between 2009-2010
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This was an interesting series for me mainly because I think it’s one of the very few new translated series I have read and it was translated from German but set in England (if the accent was any real indicator).  Plus the series talked about time traveling and romance and if you guys know me by now, I tend to love anything sci-fi related plus a dash of romance involved.

The premise of this series was fascinating mainly because of a few things: 1) only certain people with the time-traveling gene actually gets to travel and that gene runs in two family bloodlines (one usually male and the other usually female); 2) time-traveling is difficult to control unless you have this particular device that will basically require you to time travel for a certain number of hours per day otherwise you will find yourself time-traveling randomly so even though it’s a cool trait to have but you are kind of in a prison setting because you are ruled by this device; 3) according to this legend, the gene will only reach a certain number of people and they are all nicknamed after some sort of precious stone (i.e. Gwyneth is the last and is named as the Ruby); and finally, 4) there is also immortality involved somewhere.

So I basically just gave everyone the gist of this series without really spoiling too much details.  I honestly did enjoy the plot – there was just the right amount of mystery, suspense and romance to make it quite interesting for me.  The writing pace was also just right because it didn’t feel as if the author was prolonging anything in particular nor did the scenes move too fast.

The only qualm I had about these books was the main character, Gwyneth.  This was mainly because I found her a bit whiney after the first book especially when she kept swooning over Gideon.  Honestly, any scenes where she was talking about Gideon – either admiring his green eyes or being angry at him – were the only ones where I felt that the author could have cut short.  If I was Gideon, I would have dropped her in a second after she kept whining or getting jealous for no reason.  However, that was the only negative aspect I found for her because the rest of her, I did admire.  I liked her loyalty especially to her ghostly friends and her patience with dealing with them.  It was funny – the only time she lacked any patience was with Gideon. 

As for the other characters, I especially liked Leslie.  I thought she had a good head on her shoulders and seemed to be the voice of reason at times for Gwyneth especially when Gideon was involved.  For Gideon, I thought he could have been a little better portrayed because for the first two books, I thought he was a bit standoffish and couldn’t really see the attraction he had for Gwyneth.  He didn’t really seem to be the type to show his emotions so I couldn’t tell where the relationship was going to head. 

Another thing I thought the author could have used some work on was the ghost aspect.  It was so strange to me that no one in her family batted an eye when she talked to ghosts on a regular basis.  They all took it in stride like “oh, I see you’re talking to your imaginary friend again” or something like that.  I’m pretty sure if my family saw me talking to thin air, they would cart me to the nearest mental institution.  But then again, they are a family of time-travelers so… However, I did wish that there was a better explanation on this such as, why does she even have this ability and where did it come from and what does it mean? 

Overall though I thought the series was entertaining and relatively easy read.  I would recommend it if you’re into foreign books and if you like time-traveling.  



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