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Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard

Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard
Published March 8, 2011
Summary on Goodreads
Despite my lack of interest in Bria, I still really enjoyed this book mainly because of its travel aspect.  I love traveling and even though I’m not a hardcore backpacker or even someone who travels on a very tight budget, I’m also someone who doesn’t do the whole luxury traveling either.  I’m somewhere in the middle ground where I enjoy staying at airbnb’s or at hostels, meeting new and local people and traveling with a relatively average budget.  So that being said, it was quite fascinating for me to read about how Rowan and the other backpackers travel.  Part of me would love to do that but at the same time, I still prefer clean beds and whatnot.  I don’t think I can handle creepy crawlers in my room at any given time so while I didn’t really like Bria, I still have to give her major props for roughing it out in some of those less than appealing locations.

I think the main reason why I didn’t really like Bria was because I couldn’t fathom some of her decision making skills.  First of all, she just wasted a ton of money to get on a tour and then completely ditched them to rough it out.  I mean, the tour was clearly a waste of her time but financially, it was the stupidest idea ever.  However, in terms of making memories and really seeing Guatemala, it was the best idea.  I just didn’t like how she didn’t even think about it and weighed her options.  Also, I didn’t like her inability to figure things out with art and with her ex-boyfriend.  I felt like it was obvious but she kept going back and forth in her opinions that it really irked me.  Another major reason is that she was such a travel noob in the beginning.  It was as if she was trying extra hard to be a hard-core traveler yet she would make such a silly mistake that I wanted to smack her silly.  Maybe I’m just a travel snob but I really can’t handle people who are so culturally dumb.

Therefore other than Bria, I enjoyed the characters specifically Rowan.  I’m still not entirely sure what he saw in Bria because other than her artistic abilities, she came off as a bit dull to me.  However, he more than made up for her dullness.  I found him quite intriguing and his plethora of adventures were quite enticing to me.  Even with his clearly fishy past, I thought his overall character was charming. 

So like I said earlier, I really enjoyed reading about how other backpackers traveled and how I might be able to incorporate some of their less filthy qualities to my own traveling like being a bit more adventurous by exploring smaller cities rather than always visiting the capitals and taking things at a slower pace.  I definitely recommend this book if you love traveling because this book really made me feel as if I was actually a part of the story rather than as a bystander.



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