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Shadow Falls: After Dark Series by C.C. Hunter

Shadow Falls: After Dark Series by C.C. Hunter
Published between 2014-2016
Summary on Goodreads
I absolutely adored the Shadow Fall series so when I found out that there was going to be a spinoff series that focused on Della, I was super psyched.  Little did I know that the series will also focus on Miranda as well.  I think I would have preferred to have the spinoff series focus only on Della just because the main series focused only on Kylie and the first three books of the four books were focused on Della.  It was as if the author wanted to make another spinoff series with Miranda but didn’t have enough content so just tagged it along with Della’s series.  It was a little strange.  I mean, I liked how Miranda was focused on but I wish rather than just adding a random last book to the series with a different character focus, that she was actually portrayed as the main person in another series instead. 

Out of all the roommates – Kyle, Della and Miranda – I thought I was most connected with Della mainly because 1) she’s Asian as well even though she’s half white, she still received a lot of racist Asian comments as well and 2) she’s standoffish with a hard exterior but a warm personality and sometimes I’m like that as well – I think it might be my Asian upbringing where we’re just not known to show a lot of emotions outside.  So those were the main reasons why I was super psyched to find a series dedicated to her (and Miranda, I guess). 

I really liked Della and not only because of the previously mentioned reasons but also because she’s such a badass.  She’s a vampire but she also likes to take on a lot of risks by herself which I admire.  Though sometimes I think her risk taking decisions were a little foolhardy – she could have used some help in some cases.  Also, because she’s a little tough on the exterior, it was difficult for her to ask for help which is another reason why she prefers to take on a lot of risk by herself.  So I enjoyed reading about her in these books because you can really see how much she grew as a person and became more willing to actually rely and trust on the people around her. 

The relationship between her and Chase was also very heartwarming.  In the beginning, I personally didn’t like Chase because I also thought he was a little too secretive for me and would have preferred her with Steve, the shift-shaper, instead.  However, as the story moved along, I realized what Chase was hiding and the reason why he was doing so which allowed me to really understand him more and actually start to really like him.  At that point, I was definitely more team Chase than team Steve.  It was also cute to see how their relationship grew from animosity to somewhat friends to actually trusting each other to become something more.  It didn’t feel awkward or forced which happens a lot in YA novels.

Even though I was complaining about Miranda’s random book, I still enjoyed it.  I mean, I still like her as a character and am still interested in her in general but it was just weird to randomly have a book that was focused on her only.  Anyways.  I did enjoy the conclusion between Miranda and her guys – Shawn and Perry.  I had my own personal interest in a certain guy but would have been happy with either choice.  I’m just glad things all worked out in the end though the whole armadillo thing was kind of bizarre.

Overall, definitely enjoyed this spinoff series and would be interested in future books in the same setting.  I have definitely fallen in love with all of the characters and any sort of spinoff series would be awesome.  I would recommend these books to people who love paranormal, romance, mystery and adventure.



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