Friday, May 12, 2017

Nookietown by V.C. Chickering

Nookietown by V.C. Chickering
Published February 2, 2016
Summary on Goodreads
Honestly I am quite surprised that I finished this book mainly because I had saw some “interesting” reviews prior to picking this up so I really wasn’t sure if I could handle all of this.  That being said, it ended up being quite funny albeit a bit ridiculous and downright immoral.

Basically the whole gist of this book was that Lucy and the other fellow divorcee females were so desperate for sex that they came up with a scheme to have “safe sex” with married men with the women’s consent.  In a way, I was like “wow, they are desperate” but at the same time, the way they sold that idea was ingenious.  Granted, the idea was founded on Lucy and Nancy who was actually a married woman but was having problems at home that circled around sex so with this idea, it seemed like a win-win-win.  Honestly, it was definitely not a win-win-win especially since there were so many problems to start off with.  The main one was the fact that their town is TINY so after a few weeks, everyone knows everyone and basically everyone is sleeping with everyone.  So obviously issues were going to rise up and they most definitely did.  So I was definitely not at all surprised that the “business venture” completely failed. 

I wasn’t terribly surprised with the ending for Lucy – it was bound to happen but I was surprised with a few of the conclusion.  I’m not going to spoil it so you’ll just have to read to find out!  Hint: there is a man involved.  Though, maybe it’s not that much of a hint LOL.

For the entire book, I was just waiting for things to simply explode.  I was wondering all sorts of outrageous scenes but unfortunately my imagination just ran a little wilder than the author’s, I guess.  I mean, it was still crazy but not in the crazy that I was imagining.  Also, I was a little shocked to see how many families signed up for this business venture – I guess it goes to show how many marriages are on the rocks and how much sex influences whether or not those marriages will last.  Now I’m debating if I should give this to my friend or not…she’s getting married in a few months (LOL – maybe not…)

So overall, I thought it was funny and it made me think about marriage and if it’s really all that it’s meant to be.  Hence there was definitely some thought-provoking elements in this otherwise mostly mind-numbing book.  Honestly I doubt I’ll recommend it because there are just way better books out there.



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