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Fiona by Meredith Moore

Fiona by Meredith Moore
Published April 5, 2016
Summary on Goodreads
This was honestly one of the quickest read I have stumbled upon recently.  Despite it being a relatively thick book, the writing style and the prose made it a very easy and fast read.  It was incredibly easy for me to get into the story with the various characters and that hint of something just not quite right.

The buildup for the book was great – I think the author did a fabulous job because there was always just that hint of something peculiar going on but you’re just not sure what exactly.  There were whispers in the night, random scents in the hallways that reminded Fiona of her long-dead mother, food that tasted exactly how her mother used to make it, etc.  And then there was, of course, people in the household who just obviously wanted Fiona to be gone or worse.  It was all just a little odd so I kept reading because I really wanted to know what was going on.  So because the book kept me on my toes and kept my interest piquing, I thought the layout and the overall flow of the story was great.

However, the one thing that was lacking in this book was the characters.  Fiona, the main character, wasn’t particularly easy to relate to.  Clearly, with all the weird things that was happening to her, she, understandably, thought she was going crazy.  However, it didn’t help that she would sometimes freak out over nothing and it only made her seem crazier by the second.  I found her sometimes a little helpless but then she would stand up for herself so it made her seem like she was very wishy-washy.  It was as if she couldn’t make up her mind to whether or not to defend herself.  So it was easy for others to bully her but then sometimes she would speak up and it was like this weird game of tug of war. 

The other characters, Charlie, Poppy, Blair, Mabs, etc. were all a bit on the secondary side and they all had some weird-ass quirks.  For example, Charlie was pretty much the teenage version of like…Mr. Darcy or something.  Super moody, intense, etc.  Poppy was the stereotypical pre-teen girl who pretends to hate the world but secretly adores her brother and everyone else.  Also, she’s a little too trusting IMO.  As for Blair, Mabs and the rest of the staff – you’ll need to read this book to really find out.  Anything I say about them will almost certainly spoil the book.

While I enjoyed the buildup and the overall plot itself, I was seriously disappointed at the ending.  I was expecting some intense climax and when reality hit, I was so upset that it ended up not being that big of a deal.  I was expecting something like “OMG” when in reality, it was more like “oh…okay…”  So definitely a little disappointed on that front.

Another thing I didn’t really understand was the relationship or romantic tension between Fiona and Charlie. I just didn’t really see any sparks between them and thought it was just a little strange, to be honest.  The only time I thought their “relationship” was cute was the whole music and a secret thing.  Otherwise it was very much like a random relationship that was forced into the book.

Overall, despite the fact that I was disappointed with the climax of the story, I still thought that the general book was great.  I finished it with a high feeling and would still recommend it to others.



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