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Dark Mirror Series (#2-3) by M.J. Putney

Dark Mirror Series (#2-3) by M.J. Putney
Published between 2011-2012
Summary on Goodreads
I’m not sure why I didn’t simply finish the entire series when I read the first book two years ago – they were all out by that point but somehow I completely missed it?  I have no idea.  Regardless, I am glad I finally got the chance to finish this series because I really adored it.  The characters were engaging and though not completely well-developed, they had a lot personality and spunk to them.  The plot was also very entertaining and was a joy to read.

Even though I read the first book years ago, it was very easy for me to pick up the second book and re-immerse myself with the life of Tory and the rest of the Irregulars.  It wasn’t at all difficult for me to remind myself of what happened in the first book.  Within a few chapters, I had reacquainted myself to all of the characters and was interested to see what happened next with the whole “we must save England from France” deal.

The one thing I really enjoyed was that even though the main characters was supposedly Tory, all of the other secondary characters took a turn to shine in the light as well.  For example, in the second book, the author delved into Tory and Allarde’s relationship a little deeper as well as give some more insight on another budding pair.  The same thing happened with the third book.  Not only did Tory and Allarde have a happy ending, the other characters all got something as well and that was something I really enjoyed to read about.

However, that being said, I did find the characters to be a little under-developed.  Don’t get me wrong – I still really liked them all but I found them to be a little immature and rash at times especially because all of the books discussed about a war of some sort.  When they were in the future with Nick and his family, it was all about WWII.  When they were back at home, it was all about saving Britain from France’s potential invasion.  With all of these wars and fighting going on, I was a little surprised to see them all very reckless.  It was as if they had no fear.  On one hand, it was quite brave of them but on the other hand, it was a little strange for me to envision these 1800s relatively rich kids (just a reminder, these are all kids of dukes, earls, etc.) be that irresponsible.  It just didn’t really match their persona.  Maybe it was something to do with their magic capabilities that made them feel as if they were all-powerful so they had no real sense of danger.

Overall, I did find the series to be entertaining.  Even though the kids were a bit reckless and immune to the whole scared-of-a-war thing, I did find that they worked really well together and utilized their every abilities to the very best.  If you’re into fantasy/magical books and you’re more interested in the plot than the character development then definitely check this series out.



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