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Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves
Published January 5, 2010
Summary on Goodreads
What an odd book.  That pretty much sums this book right up.  The premise definitely sounded a bit intriguing with Portero and its oddities; however, after a few chapters in, I was definitely more confused than intrigued.  First of all, the author never really explained the whole situation at Portero – why were these monsters there in the first place?  What is all of these stories about the Keys?  How come the Mayor had all of these powers?  And what exactly was the purpose of these Mortmaines?  Not to mention but how come Hanna can see her father and what is up with those manifestations of the swans?  There were just a lot of questions that were left unanswered. 

I think the best part of the book is its uniqueness since Portero is certainly unique.  However, the author lacked in communicating some of that uniqueness to the readers so the readers, specifically me, was confused.  There were a lot of times where I didn’t understand the flow of the book.  It seemed as if Hanna, the main character, was pretty much psychotic and somehow drifted from someone who wasn’t wanted to suddenly someone who everyone called a hero to then someone who somehow developed powers that weren’t there.  It just felt very disorganized and discombobulated. 

Talking about the characters, I really did not understand Hanna.  She is probably THE weirdest character I have ever encountered in literature and that’s saying a lot because I have certainly read my share of books.  I mean, putting her clearly mental issues aside specifically with her talking to her dead father and the two swans, she clearly had a ton of issues.  Her method of doing things was so dramatic – for example, she basically threatened her own mother that if she didn’t want her to stay there, she would paint the walls in her blood.  Which she did.  She chose to die in such a dramatic way just to get attention from her own mother.  I just find that completely crazy.  She was definitely a character that I absolutely could not connect to.  I know there are people out there who act out to get attention but committing suicide and in such a drastic manner?  That’s just bonkers.

The other characters definitely weren’t as strange as Hanna – she was in her own little category but they certainly weren’t not weird.  However, they were strange on a level that I could actually understand.  On the other hand, the plot was also extremely disjointed.  I felt that it would jump from one issue to the next in a seemingly disorganized manner.  The worst thing was that the author never really explained a lot of issues.  For example, Hanna found herself in a sticky situation with this door and somehow she thought of something, did it, and escaped.  First of all, what exactly is that door?  Secondly, how did she manage to escape?  Lastly, what exactly did she do and how come everyone was so shocked?  Honestly, it was just incredibly confusing.

I believe there is another book in this Portero Universe series but I doubt I would continue with it.  The writing style and the flow of the storyline was too jumbled for me to fully comprehend and appreciate this book.  However, maybe that is the whole purpose of this book?  Who knows.



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