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The Locket by Stacey Jay

The Locket by Stacey Jay
Published February 3, 2011
Summary on Goodreads
In a way, I thought that this book was a mess.  The characters were all over the place, and the plot wasn’t particularly organized.  Overall, there were just a lot of things going on but not in a good way because the author didn’t deliver the action in a concise, well-written manner but instead, as a reader, we got a bunch of random information.

However, on the other hand, I did find the romance/heartbreak to be enticing but, like, in a middle school kind of way.  Mind you, this wasn’t a particularly mature romance since the kids were in high school or something but still.  And the fact that it was so painfully obvious from the beginning and only oblivious to Katie was somewhat annoying.  I mean, how can someone be that oblivious?  The only thing he lacked was neon signs above his head.

Katie was by far, one of the most annoying characters ever.  I found her annoying, oblivious, dumb and an obnoxious martyr. Basically she was the reason why sometimes I’m like omg, why are girls so annoying.  First of all, she was one of those do-gooders in her relationship with Isaac.  He cared only about himself and she cared way too much for him.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it is when she essentially allows him to trample all over her.  And I don’t think he’s doing it intentionally but since she lets it go, he continues the same way.  Finally when he gets pissed because he found out that she kissed their best friend, he pretty much does the douchiest thing ever.  I won’t get into details because it’s a spoiler but I was completely shocked.  I mean, I get that you’re hurt but Isaac cared more for the fact that she humiliated him by cheating on him than the fact that he was hurt because the person he supposedly loved cheated on him.  You can already tell what kind of person he is and the fact that Katie was with him for so long and basically wanted the kiss to never happen that the time traveling occurred.  I just don’t get it.  Then there’s also the part where she thinks everything is her fault and rather than figuring out what the problem/fault was, she would immediately go into “omg it’s all MY FAULT” mode and then she would time travel again.  And again.  It was really annoying honestly.

The rest of the characters showed no depth.  They were all very one-dimensional and honestly, they didn’t really help the book whatsoever other than playing their basic roles.  I mean, there was the obligatory “best friend”, the “popular girl” who was a bitch, and obviously the other best friend that sealed the love triangle.  Everyone played their roles in a very cliché manner – there wasn’t any surprises or whatnot.

The plot was interesting mainly because of the time traveling but the ending was extremely confusing.  I didn’t really understand how everything righted itself at the end because it was so sudden.  There was a lot of drama prior to that (i.e. crying, heartbreak, accidents, etc.) and then suddenly she was running home and yea.  Very strange, I have to say.

Overall, an extremely quick read so I guess if you’re bored you can pick this up but I wouldn’t recommend it.  There are a lot of better books out there that you can spend time with.



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