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Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Published January 5, 2016
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This was a book that I actually stayed up for mainly because I finally got to the point where things started to get interesting (about halfway) and then I just had to finish it.  In a way, I understand where Mercedes was coming from – the whole teaching thing and letting the guys give their girlfriends that special first time.  I mean, everyone knows that the first time certainly isn’t the best so I guess Mercedes took it upon herself to teach them so it could really be special.  However, there was also a lot of things that I was quite concerned about.

I do believe that Mercedes (or Mercy) truly tried to do her best and offer up her services whether or not it was tutoring for chemistry or sex but she definitely gave it her all.  However, I do think that she started to lose sight of herself especially in the sex area.  Plus, she even realized it herself and started to have that quasi-mental breakdown.  There was a reason why she had those rules and once she started to forget the rules or break them, that’s when things started to go south.  She should have stuck by them or just stopped completely.  But I think, at that point, she wasn’t doing it to help anyone but herself.

Honestly though, I’m pretty sure the reason why Mercy was so messed up was because of her mom.  I have literally never read or heard of a mom who was quite like Kim.  She basically encouraged her teenage daughter to have sex and would ask her why she’s not bringing any guys over.  Also, there was that one scene where she clearly knew this guy and Mercy was in her bedroom and she pretty much just left, giving them ample time to continue.  She was, by far, the worst mom in YA literature ever.  Actually, the worst mom in any account ever.  Not only did she encourage her to have sex, she never did anything motherly for her and barely cared about where she was at any given time.  And with rules so lax and a LOT of sexual encouragements, no wonder Mercy had sex with almost 20 guys and was only 17 years old.  Maybe I’m just super sheltered but that’s just shocking to me. 

And with the lack of parental affection, it’s also a no brainer why Mercy herself had trouble trusting and relying on anyone.  She wanted full control hence the whole teaching the virgin guys and why she kept turning a certain someone down.  She couldn’t deal with the emotions that came with relationships because she herself was never taught how to deal with it properly. 

Even though there were a few concepts in this book that I questioned; however, I still found it really interesting.  I’m also not at all surprised when everything literally fell apart because with that kind of thing going on, someone is bound to make a mistake and spill the beans to the wrong person.  Or that someone else will overhear it.  Mercy really should have capped it at a smaller number because everyone knows that the more people know, the less likely it’ll be a secret.  And as the saying goes “the only way to really keep is a secret is if everyone else is dead”. 

Overall, fabulous books.  The beginning was a little slow in the uptake but once the going started going, it was hard to put it down.  The characters were all very well written with actual personalities – not at all cliché, in my opinion.  I also thought the Bible aspect was an interesting take on things.  I would definitely recommend this one.




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