Monday, April 10, 2017

Dream Walker Trilogy by Kit Alloway + GIVEAWAY

Dream Walker Trilogy by Kit Alloway
Published between 2015-2017
Summary on Goodreads
This was by far, one of the longest trilogy I have read in a very long time.  It’s not that the books were long but they felt very in depth as in each page felt as if was loaded with a lot of information and a lot of text.  On my average, I’ll take around 2-3 days to finish a book but these pretty much took me a week at the minimum for each book so it completely ruined my reading schedule (sorry Emily! LOL).  However, I still trudged on because I did find this series fascinating and certainly unique.  I’ve read another series about dream walkers (not them specifically but people in the series had this unique ability), Diviner series, so it was interesting to see another take on this. 

In this series, apparently dream walking was a whole society.  It didn’t take any sort of special skills as long as you were born into a family who dream walked and apparently there were a lot of people who dream walked.  So rather than it being some sort of unique ability, it was quite easy to simply train someone to become a dream walker (i.e. Josh’s apprentice who was a random kid from school originally).  That being said, dream walking was still dangerous and you really had to train hard to become good at it because unlike the dreamers whose subconscious is in the dreams, the dream walkers body/soul is also there as well so any injuries incurred in the dream scape would also be in real life.  This mean that someone can die while dream walking.  Anyways, that’s the short origin for the story which I think is vital to understand before I really delve into the characters/plot.

Josh, the main character, is actually a female so don’t be confused because I was at first.  She was super anal about a lot of things but that’s because she knew the dangers involved with dream walking.  So she was very strict with her apprentice, Will.  In general, I liked her as a character because I found her to be really confident, smart, and great with pressure and stress.  Also, she had a good foundation with her friends and family.  However, that completely flew out the window during the second book where I then found her to be…I don’t want to say, untrustworthy, but she could no longer rely on her friends.  She took everything upon herself with the whole Feodor incident and became rather sneaky in trying to become stronger and more powerful.  And then that led to a whole lot of problems.  Thankfully, she got a reality check so by the third book, she was more normal again.  I did enjoy reading about her struggles and her change from someone who tried to rely on herself (aka in book two) versus someone who learned to rely more on her friends/family and as a collective whole, make a decision.  She definitely grew more wise and mature by the end of the series.

The other characters all played a major role in the plot development – Will, Deloise, Whim, Ian, Haley, Winsor and even Feodor.  I think without the lot of them or if even one of them was missing, this book would not have been the same.  They all matured and changed a lot throughout the series and that was most evident with Will, Haley and Feodor.  Right from the beginning, I liked Will – he seemed like the average Joe but was considerate, charming and an overall great guy.  So when this incident occurred and he freaked, it was kind of understandable.  He was thrust into a life that he didn’t expect and he was trying to deal with it the best that he could.  And by the last book, he matured a lot and realized what was actually important to him.  Haley was the weirdo of the group.  He was the quiet one and usually didn’t have too much of an input.  Honestly, he was the one who trailed after his twin’s shadow but I think he grew up a lot and became more comfortable with himself and that really showed.  The biggest surprise was definitely Feodor.  I did not expect the ending to play out the way that it did with him.  I 100% expected him to go back to where he belonged but that did not happen at all.  But he also changed a ton so it was kind of understandable why Josh made her decision the way that she did.  Not that many people would have the same level of compassion like her. 

The plot was very interesting – there were a lot of ups and downs scattered throughout the books.  A lot of action occurred too specifically in the first and the last book.  I felt that the second book was really just a connector between the other books.  I mean, without it, it wouldn’t have worked out but it didn’t do much in terms of plot building.  It was really more for character development.

Overall, I did enjoy the series.  It just took me a shit ton of time to finish it.  However, if you enjoy books that are on the realistic fantasy side with some scattered magical things occurring, then these books would be for you.



  1. "Would Dream Walking be a profession that you would be interested in?" No! I refuse to ever consider the profession of Dream Walking!

  2. It is something I would be interested in.

  3. No, I would not be interested as I have enough to deal with without taking on other people's emotions and thoughts too.

  4. I don't think so..