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A Good Kind of Trouble by Ellie Ashe
Published April 7, 2015
Summary on Goodreads
This was probably by far one of the most cliché book ever but it didn’t stop me from enjoying every minute of it.  The author pretty much followed every standard book to include a mystery, romance and suspense.  There was the typical headstrong female lead and her male counterpart who obviously fall in love despite either of their differences and tendencies.  There was also the typical corporate and government corruption.  Then there was the usual backstabbing and people who were involved realizing that they had been left behind.  Of course, we shouldn’t forget the typical kidnapping/stalking element in the book as well.  Overall, a recipe for a good short read.

The ending was pretty much already set in stone by the time I opened to the first chapter.  I knew who was going to fall in love (DUH), who the “enemies” were (aka the people behind the corruption) and the downfall of everything.  The book basically had three major parts: the story building where Lindsey and Ben are introduced and you find out their backstory and whatnot; the investigation as they both start to uncover the mysteries (and corruption) of the town they’re in; and finally the conclusion when everything falls into place into a neat pile including the last minute struggle between the “heroine” and the people behind the whole thing.  Oh yea, and finally the kiss to seal the romance between Lindsey and Ben.  So there was honestly no surprises whatsoever.  I can’t even be like SPOILER alert because it’s really not a spoiler if everything can be figured out within minutes.

For me, the only true twist to the story was the affairs – one of them was quite obvious but the other was kind of surprise to me mainly because I guess I thought one affair was enough but clearly it wasn’t.  However, once that was revealed, it was quite obvious what the outcome was going to be.

I do think that the characters were a bit lacking in personality because they were cliché and pretty much one-sided.  There wasn’t any hidden depths to them or any inner angst or whatever.  They were straightforward characters and since they got the job done in a decent manner, I can’t really say anything else about them.

Since I did read this book via audiobook, I also have to comment on the narrator.  Overall, she did a good job but she kept pronouncing “harassment” wrong – she kept saying it as “Harris ment” instead and it kept bothering me because the author used this word quite often and the narrator kept pronouncing it incorrectly.  It was to the point that I was like omg its HA RASS MENT.  Though, to be fair, it might be one of those words where it depends on where you are so the pronunciation is different but I have literally never of “harassment” pronounced as “harris ment”. 

Overall, while the story was very, very cliché and the ending was pretty obvious, I still enjoyed it immensely.  It was easy to get into the story since the writing style was also very simple and there was clearly a lot of interesting action going on.  I would consider this as a 3.5* book which I would round up for the sake of my star images below.

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