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The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

The Grownup by Gillian Flynn
Published November 3, 2015
Summary on Goodreads
So I got this book as a complimentary gift for my January BOTM – I’m still not entirely sure why but my friend got it too so I guess they were giving it to everyone.  I thought maybe I was the special one LOL.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I tend not to enjoy short stories as much.  As I stated in a previous review, the main reason is because I like having a full length book so I can really delve into the characters and the plot.  Plus it gives me time to connect with the characters and fully enjoy the ins and outs of the novel.  And that feeling still remains the same for this book.

With that said, I was very confused at the end of the book.  I thought it ended abruptly and not at all satisfactory.  There were so many questions left unanswered and I had this overall sense of unease when I finished it – like something’s not right.  And just when it started to get interesting and there were also some good but confusing plot twists, the book just ended.  I was just starting to get into it but alas.

Also, I don’t think the name of the protagonist was ever mentioned – you only read about Susan and her not-so-right-in-the-head son, Miles.  At least I can’t even recall her name…which makes it even harder for the reader to even connect with the character.  The only thing you can tell is that she’s female and probably not that old since she was giving hand jobs as a living (seriously? Where did Gillian come up with this?  Is this even a real thing? Seriously, LOL).  And she would manipulate her clients after being “promoted” to aura reading.  Other than that, she remained a mystery.

The ending was the most confusing aspect of the book.  Miles completely creeped me out and he definitely took my head to a spin because at the end, I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t.  Just like the unnamed female was confused.  I guess that was the point.  And then it ended.

So basically, I’m still not really a fan of short stories much less this one where the readers are left at this strange conclusion and honestly, I don’t know what to think.



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