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Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu
Published between 2011-2013
Summary on Goodreads
Another dystopian trilogy so there were definitely some similarities with other dystopian novels but I also found new twists to it which I enjoyed.  The one thing I liked was how America was split into two aspects – Republic on the West and the Colony on the East.  I remember when Trump first got elected, California and some of the other western states were trying to do a “Calexit” which is awesome except that I (NYC) also wanted to join in on that but they refused due to the fact that Trump is from NYC (boo).  So I can actually kind of see a split between the West and East in the future (if a dystopian event ever occurs) rather one between the North and the South. 

Another aspect that I enjoyed was how poor America is in the future for both the Republic and the Colony.  I actually found it interesting to see that Antarctica is now a major power player rather than the desolate location it is right now.  There were definitely a lot of interesting tidbits about the dystopian world that Marie created.

Between the two characters: Day and June – I think I prefer Day a lot more.  There were a few times when I found June to be a bit selfish and not at all aware of the others around her.  However, this might also because she was raised in a wealthy environment and god knows those people tend to be very self-focused.  She was also very stoic at times but that’s also due to her military background where being stoic is pretty much in the job description so sometimes it was difficult for the others to understand her emotions.  I really like Day mainly because he was free to do what he wanted and he showed that in his actions and emotions.  He didn’t have a lot of obligations other than caring for his loved ones and it really showed.  There were times when I thought Day was a little too headstrong because he would often just jump right into something.  Basically he would think with his emotions rather than his head which is why he was a good match with June because she was pretty much the exact opposite.  She thought with her head and not with her heart so sometimes she was able to make the tough decisions whereas Day couldn’t.

I also thought that the relationship between June and Day went well in the first book and then kind of went on a stagnant state in the second and even third book.  For a hot minute, I actually thought that maybe June would end up with someone else and so would Day because there were others who were probably better matched for them than they were for each other.  However, I’m glad they still ended up together even though I thought that the ending was a little bittersweet since it wasn’t an entirely optimistic ending but more of a hopeful one. 

I did enjoy the trilogy immensely and I’m glad things worked out at the end.  I hate dystopian novels where the main character dies *coughVeronicaRothcough*.  I mean, dystopian novels are by definition a depressing topic because it talks about Earth after it had already been savaged and how those who are left are struggling to survive.  And then you go write a book where the main person dies?  Please.  Anyways, enough about a different trilogy.  I thought that the Legend trilogy was nice and well-written.  The pace of the plot was good and the action made sense. 

Overall, I highly recommend these books for those who enjoy dystopian novels, action, adventure and romance.  



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