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Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma
Published June 14, 2011
Summary on Goodreads
This was a very strange book.  At first, it seemed like your typical YA novel where the MC (main character) goes into a sort of “coming-of-age” scenario but then something happened and then I was basically like WTF.  I didn’t realize that this book had some sort of “magical” or fantasy element to it since I did not get that impression whatsoever while reading the synopsis.  However, that was exactly what it was. 

At this point, I still don’t fully comprehend what exactly happened especially with Ruby and London.  I mean, what actually happened?  And how or where did Chloe play in all this other than being Ruby’s precious little sister?  And the biggest question of all: how was Ruby able to do all of that stuff?  I just felt like this book didn’t really answer anything and would just randomly spew out scenarios and situations where you just become baffled.  I was honestly confused almost the entire book other than the really beginning when things seemed really straightforward.

I also think that the town itself was magical or at least it was when Chloe came back from living with her uncle and his family because of the whole phone situation.  But at the same time, how then did her mother reach out to the uncle to inform him of Chloe’s whereabouts?  I’m assuming that somehow the town was disconnected from the rest of the world until you left the city limits.  It kind of reminds me of Once Upon a Time or something…

I also didn’t get the whole Ruby fascination.  I thought at first it was because she was the most popular girl or something but then it became something more when she did that balloon stint.  And then that just threw me off.  Like I asked before, how did she get these powers?  And what is that whole thing with the other town underneath the reservoir?  I also didn’t really understand why Chloe herself, despite knowing what she did, went along with Ruby and her essentially crazy antics.

I definitely think that this book focused more on the writing style than the actual plot or the characters because god knows, the plot was confusing and the characters even more so.  However, the writing style, the prose, was almost lyrical which I guess suited this type of book well.  It gave it that magical, mythical feeling to it.

Overall, I wasn’t a huge fan since I tend to focus more on plot and characters rather than how an author writes.  However, if you love reading to gain more writing knowledge then I guess this book would be good for you.



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