Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Girls in the Moon by Janet McNally

Girls in the Moon by Janet McNally
Published November 29, 2016
Summary on Goodreads
Honestly I’m not too sure what to think about this book.  I didn’t particularly like it nor did I particularly dislike it.  I didn’t also particularly like nor dislike the characters.  I’m really not too sure what to think about it.  I guess it’s just one of those books where you’re basically like mehh. 

Maybe the one main reason why I’m on the fence about this book is because this book didn’t really resolve anything.  I think it literally only resolved one thing – to get Luna to talk to her mother again and that was just “hi, mom”.  Other than that, I felt that this book didn’t have any real conclusion and no real purpose to it.   There were so many problems that were shown during the book – Phoebe’s fight with her best friend, Tessa, which was never resolved but it was at least explained; Luna’s fight with her father which was also never resolved; Phoebe’s own personal anxiety with her mother that was also not really resolved; Phoebe’s boy problem back at home which was also never resolved but then she moved on to a different guy but still really liked the old guy (I have no idea?); etc.  I just felt like this book posed a lot of questions but no real answers.  Maybe some of it was answered in a really abstract way such as Phoebe asking her mother to talk about her past at the really end but that didn’t really answer or solve anything.  Or how her father said he’ll go to Luna’s concert next week but again, that didn’t solve anything because this wasn’t the first time he went to her concert and clearly nothing happened so why would it now?  Honestly I just feel that this book had no purpose and that’s most likely why I’m like eh on it.

I also didn’t really understand the whole reasoning behind Meg (Phoebe’s mother) and her obsession with not being famous.  Okay, I understand that being famous has a lot of drawbacks (yes, I’m looking at you, you paparazzis) but shouldn’t she have known that getting into the scene?  It’s not like they became famous “by accident”.  They totally set out to become famous and then she totally flipped out and you see a bunch of flashbacks from her perspective and her resentment to her fans and the cameras.  I simply don’t understand why.  It was like she didn’t realize what she signed up for and had buyer’s remorse but in that kind of industry, you really can’t.  You’ll end up going crazy (basically what she did by denying her identity when someone approached her and by uprooting her daughters to the middle of nowhere). 

So anyways, I’m still on the fence with this book.  We’ll definitely do a video on this one so maybe Emily will have some greater insight on it.



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