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Book Tour: Meeting Lydia by Linda MacDonald

Meeting Lydia by Linda MacDonald
Published January 1, 2011
Summary on Goodreads
I have realized that I actually really enjoy books like this – realistic fiction that is either geared towards an older crowd (by older, I really mean around late 20s to early 30s) or have an older, mature main character.  I mean, I still enjoy my YA and sci-fi/fantasy novels but sometimes these types of books are more endearing to the heart.  Maybe I’m just growing sentimental in my old age LOL.

While I did sometimes found Marianne to be a tad crazy especially her going off in jealous rages with her husband’s gorgeous co-worker but as a woman, I can totally tell where she is coming from.  And I do agree with her that sometimes men are dumb and either can’t see what’s right in front of them or they do see it but they’re hoping that it will prove something that is completely different than what their wife/girlfriend is feeling.  Like I said, men are dumb.  I also thought that her tendency to run to Edward and discuss all matters was a bit strange.  I mean, they barely spoke while they knew each other and 30+ years later, they suddenly become pen pals?  And it was to the point that they spoke very often and it was over a year of correspondence.  That’s a lot of dedication right there especially from someone (Edward) who barely acknowledged Marianne during their school days.  I thought that was a bit weird to be honest.  I kept running scenarios in my head where either 1) Edward really wasn’t who he said he was but then this theory was dismissed at the school reunion or 2) it wasn’t actually Edward behind the emails – I actually thought that maybe it was his wife or something because I just can’t imagine a man who is supremely busy so readily available to exchange emails with a girl he knew 30+ years ago and whom he barely spoke to.  But this theory was again dismissed at the very end of the book.  Or maybe it really wasn’t – I guess you’ll have to read it to find out.

I have to say, the one thing that I didn’t like so much about Marianne was the fact that she was so fixated on things that happened 30+ years ago to the point that she basically went to the school reunion just so she can rebuke the three people who bullied her and make them awkward.  Okay, I know that bullying is terrible and I know that a good number of us have been bullied in the past whether it was mild bullying or severe bullying; however, in her case, I feel like her bullying wasn’t that severe yet it traumatized her to the point that she was still sore about it decades later.  I found that quite excessive to be perfectly honest.  I definitely, at one point, was bullied in elementary school and even though sometimes I still think about it, I would never, ever fixate on it and I just move on.  I mean, she has a good life now – a loving husband and a wonderful daughter.  Why think about things decades ago?  So, for most of the book, I kept thinking that she needed to move on with her life.

All in all, I still really enjoyed the book.  I thought the plot flow was nice and the characters (specifically Marianne) was well developed and likable despite the fact that she went off on jealous rants at time.  But it made things more realistic!  Plus the author depicted Marianne’s menopausal state really well and seemingly accurate – not that I personally would know since I have yet to reach that state.  However, my mom did and I remember during that time, my dad and my sisters would often be like omg what’s going on.  So I thought the author did a good job on it.  I would definitely recommend this book.



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