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Book Tour: Errant Spark by Ronelle Antoinette

Errant Spark by Ronelle Antoinette
Published July 1, 2016
Summary on Goodreads
My mind is still tumbling around trying to sort out my feelings about this book.  There were definitely a few things that I wish were different: the slow pace of the beginning of the book, Enari, mainly because I didn’t really get her or her way of thinking, and the magical aspect.  However, there were also a lot of things that I did enjoy: Jex, the relationship between him and Enari, and the magical and political plot.

I always like to discuss what I didn’t enjoy most first just so I can get that out of the way.  I definitely did not like the pacing in the beginning.  I found it slow and a bit tedious.  And because I got this book via an audiobook, I felt my mind wandering a lot until around chapter 6 or 7.  So there were a lot of scenes in the first few chapters where I’m still not 100% sure about.  However, after that slow portion passed, it started to get a lot more interesting and the action and romance really started to get going. 

As for Enari – in general, I did like her as a person; however, at the end when she gave her reasoning to be mute, I was kind of like “WTF, that’s such a terrible reason.”  It was literally “there was nothing for me to talk about.” Really?  18 years and NOTHING to talk about?  Not even when you’re hurt and need to cry?  I just literally didn’t get it.  There were a lot of times when talking could have made things a lot easier and simpler but because of her odd reasoning and stubbornness, things were more complicated.  For example, I can easily see something happen to Enari from a mugging or an attempted rape because she wouldn’t cry out for help.  Luckily Jex was there to save her otherwise she would literally be in deep shit. 

I was also a little confused about the magical aspect of the book.  I understand that Jex is a battle mage and that Eric is the head mage or whatever but exactly can they do?  Every time I read about Jex using magic, it’s always fire related.  Does he specialize in fire only or can he do other magic?  Also I don’t recall Eric ever doing any magic despite being the head mage.  Then there’s also the whole gods thing that is related to magic which I’m also confused about.  And how do they play a part in Enari having magic?  I feel like I ended up with more questions than answers.  Either I totally missed out on the explanations in chapters 1-6/7 or the author will fill these out in the next book.

Now – on to the things I did enjoy.  I really, really enjoyed reading about Jex.  I found him highly entertaining – he had such an interesting sense of humor.  There were many times when I found myself laughing out loud because of something he said.  Even though he was a womanizer, I was glad to see that he was able to settle down with one person and was willing to do that.  I feel like guys these days (especially guys in NYC) aren’t really interested in that, at least from my own experience, so I was glad to live vicariously through Jex and Enari’s relationship.  Talking about their relationship, I think that because the book started off quite slow, their relationship actually became more realistic.  It didn’t feel rushed and it felt more natural.  It was something I can definitely see happening over time.

While I found the magical aspect confusing, I did enjoy reading about the political plot and how that played out in the book.  It certainly kept things entertaining and engaged to the readers.  I’m really curious to see what happens next.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and would, for sure, read the next one.  On an off side note, I really do not like the cover.  It looks too cartoony for me.  I hope that the next book’s cover will be better but I somehow doubt it since it’ll probably fall along the same lines.  Gotta keep things similar, you know.

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