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Being Audrey Hepburn by Mitchell Kriegman

Being Audrey Hepburn by Mitchell Kriegman
Published September 16, 2014
Summary on Goodreads
So growing up, I obviously heard about Audrey Hepburn and saw the iconic photo of her in multiple places.  However, I never once picked up the famous movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I’m not exactly sure why not.  Even to this day, I just have no real interest in checking it out even though it’s a classic and highly raved about.  So when I saw this book, I figured why the hell not.  I already didn’t watch the classic movie and have no real knowledge of Audrey other than the basics but since I love YA and this refers to her, I figured I’ll check it out.

While I enjoyed the plot (for the most part), I wasn’t such a huge fan of the characters nor the ending.  Or the fact that it was highly unrealistic especially the fact that no one questioned her whatsoever about her background and somehow everyone knew about her within days.  Like really?  I doubt it.

The part that I was most confused about and disliked most about was the whole rape-y scene.  It was written in such a strange manner that I couldn’t really figure out what actually happened.  In a way, I guess it was written out in a very realistic way since Lisbeth was also groggy and couldn’t remember so because of that, the readers were also confused and didn’t know what just happened.  However, my biggest qualm with this scene is the fact that even after Lisbeth figured it out (and found out that it was recorded), she didn’t freak out about it other than the principal of recording her.  She wasn’t freaked that she just had sex with an old dude or the fact that she might be pregnant or whatever.  These are things that a normal girl would obsess over after an incident such as that occurred.  However, this didn’t happen at all and she just went on with her life.  I think maybe it’s because the author is a male so he would never have considered such things since males don’t have these consequences but if you’re going to write in a female’s perspective, you need to actually write in their perspective and be wary of things that females are wary of.  Otherwise it just seems incredibly strange and not at all well written.  And because of this incident, my feelings prior changed a lot because I just couldn’t fathom this scene at all.

And at the same time, I wasn’t a huge fan of the characters either.  To be perfectly honest, I actually really despised Lisbeth.  I found her selfish, rude, immature and a bimbo.  Why did I think she was all the above?  There are literally so many different reasons.  First of all, literally the only reason why this all worked out for her was because Jess was there to make the dresses.  Actually this whole thing started because Jess called her to tell her about the Audrey Hepburn dress that she knew Lisbeth coveted.  And rather than being concerned about Jess’ job on the line, she begged her to try it out and then proceeded to crash the party downstairs with it which then led to her photos being taken and so on and so forth.  So without Jess, this whole story would not have occurred.  HOWEVER, did Lisbeth even feel grateful to her?  NO.  Other than her name dropping “Designer X” to her newfound rich friends, when the whole fashion show was going to start, she didn’t even want to respond to her texts.  Like seriously?  How difficult is it to respond to your “best” friend that you’ll be there and don’t worry?!  So Jess is there basically freaking out because 1) she has not heard from Lisbeth who had promised to be there and 2) Lisbeth took her best dress.  I mean, Lisbeth ultimately showed up but she was late.  I also found her incredibly immature because she literally did not care about her family whatsoever.  I mean, I get that they’re a nuisance and you just want to get out but they were still there for you and it wasn’t as her mom hit her or anything.  Plus rather than going to college and accepting the money that her mom paid already for the school, she didn’t even have the decency to tell her mother that she didn’t want to go until her mother was literally lying in a hospital bed.  Seriously, what kind of daughter are you?  Also, the whole guy relationship in the story (I forget his name…Jake? Jack? Something like that.) was crazy too.  I felt so bad for him.  Even though she knew how he felt towards her and vice versa, because of this whole famous craze thing suddenly, she completely forgot about him.  She didn’t have the decency to 1) let him know that she couldn’t make the show he specifically invited her to, 2) didn’t even bother texting him back or call him back – in fact, she basically hung up on him, and 3) somehow expected at the end (at the Hamptons event) that things will go back to normal?  I mean, come on.  Anyways, there were just a ton of scenes when you really question her integrity and moral ethics.  That’s probably why she fit in so well with Tabitha and the rich upper crust.

The other characters were okay – I really liked Jess actually.  She was such a true friend and did not deserve a shit friend like Lisbeth.  Plus she was the one who was truly gifted and talented.  Like I said, without her designs and dresses, no one would have noticed Lisbeth.

I also hated the ending mainly because why did Jake (Jack?) get back together with Lisbeth??  Couldn’t he see what a shit ass person she is?  Maybe he was just thinking with his small head or something.  But the thing was that she wasn’t even that good looking either.  She only fit well with those vintage dresses because they had no curves back then (the style at that time was very boyish) so what’s so special about her?  Literally nothing.



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