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The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett
Published November 3, 2015
Summary on Goodreads
This is my book club’s book for December and everyone thought it was a very cute book.  Honestly though, for me, I thought it was just okay.  A lot of my fellow book clubbers raved about the “romance” and the sex scenes between Jack and Beatrix but maybe I was expecting too much or something since I didn’t get a chance to read the book till after the discussion but I felt very let-down.  I do admit that I found it interesting and unique that, for once, it was the male who was a virgin and the girl who was experienced.  Usually in YA novels, either both are experienced or it’s the male who is and the girl isn’t.  And I was glad that the author didn’t make Beatrix come off as a slut for being more experienced. 

One thing that one of my fellow book clubber kept commenting on was how unrealistic the anatomy portions are in the book.  Since she’s a physical therapist and had to learn intensively about the anatomy and how things work, she thought it was completely unrealistic and was ranting about it (LOL).  Personally though, I think if you have just a normal knowledge of the anatomy, it wouldn’t bother you as much (certainly didn’t bother me as much as it did her) but it was also good to know that the author could have done some more research when she was depicting the different areas of the body.

I didn’t really understand the attraction between Beatrix and Jack.  To me, the romance between the two seemed unrealistic and illogical.  They met randomly one night and all of a sudden, Beatrix is going out of her way to find him and likewise for Jack.  She is supposedly a very calm person with a stable personality but her going out of her way to seek him doesn’t seem to be in line with her character.  However, Jack going out of his way to find her does seem like something he would do.  I mean, he goes around at night tagging different parts of the cities with mysterious messages.  Which is another reason why the relationship between the two seems strange because they’re so different from one another and it’s not even that “opposites attract”.  They’re just very different in their hobbies and personalities.

I did enjoy the ending though.  I found it heartening to read about what Beatrix did for Jack’s sister and for his entire family.  Also, for someone who was supposedly known to be mean and harsh, Jack’s father didn’t seem that way to me.  Yes, he was harsh in terms of disciplining his son (I mean, he was going around committing felonies); however, he wasn’t unreasonable.  He knew how to negotiate and work things out with the rest of his family so everyone could be happy.  On Beatrix’s side, the ending with her father and mother was nice.  It was definitely a very nice conclusion to a cute book.

Overall, while I didn’t rave about the book like my book clubbers, I did think in general, the book was cute.  There wasn’t much depth to it other than Jack’s sister.  I think that was really the only part where it was more than just simple romance and graffiti making.  This would be a good beach/summer read.  



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