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Snow Like Ashes Trilogy by Sara Raasch

Snow Like Ashes Trilogy by Sara Raasch
Published between 2014-2016
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So while the premise of this book was very intriguing, once I started reading, it became very obvious on how this trilogy would pan out.  There were still some plot twists here and there especially in the last book with Paisly but a lot of the major ones were pretty much obvious from the beginning.  Especially the crucial fact: who is the actual leader of Winter.  Plus, it was obvious who would end up together and who wouldn’t.  However, I still enjoyed reading about the process of how these things came to be so I personally still enjoyed the books.  But if you’re someone like my friends who hate predictable endings, then this trilogy isn’t for you.

I thought the relationship between Mather and Meira dragged on a little too much.  I mean, it was pretty obvious that they would end up together – they loved each other too much not to.  But the first two books was pretty much them denying any affection between the two even though they were both essentially suffering and moaning about how they can’t be together (mostly on Mather’s end though since Meira was a little busy trying to save the world from Angra’s evilness).  So I was definitely glad to get to the final book where they profess their undying love and whatnot and the world was able to move on.

The one thing that always confused me in this trilogy was the relationship between the Seasons and Rhythms and magic.  It was hinted in the first book how magic came to be but I wished there was a little more information.  Also, what is the relationship between Seasons and Rhythms?  Did the Seasons only get the ability to only have a certain season in their kingdom due to magic or was this prior to everything?  And if so, how did that come to be?  The kingdoms aren’t exactly located far from each other.  They’re all within a few days/weeks of traveling so it’s not as if the Winter kingdom was located in some North Pole and Summer was near the equator.  As for the Rhythms’ kingdom, how come they have normal seasons?  I mean, for me, just realistically and logistically, how is this even possible?  I just felt very confused and wished that there was more of a world and story building before all the action occurred.

The magic portion of this trilogy was also really strange.  I felt like it wasn’t explained very clearly.  How come Paisly’s magic allowed them to live pretty much forever? I get that it’s because they’re conduits themselves but what can they do?  And how come Meira’s magic is different from theirs?  What about Angra’s Decay magic?  He was just able to randomly affect people with his Decay?  How come he didn’t do this from the beginning?  Why did he wait till the last book to show everyone?

So even though I was confused with the magic aspect especially with the whole Hannah-being-in-Meira’s-head portion, I still really enjoyed the conclusion.  It was a good ending.  I really liked the whole development with the side characters especially the Queen of Summer and her relationship with Jesse, King of (I forget the name of his kingdom…).  And even though I was saddened to hear about Theron and what happened in the last book, I was glad to find out that everything worked out in the end.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this series and found it entertaining.  There was definitely a lot of action involved as well as romance.  A few of the scenes seemed a little graphic especially in Summer’s kingdom but it wasn’t terrible.  I would recommend this to people who like a little bit of fantasy and magic involved in their reading.



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