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French Coast by Anita Hughes

French Coast by Anita Hughes
Published April 7, 2015
Summary on Goodreads
It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that I would actually try to stay up to read or reach for in the morning when I first wake up.  So yea, I definitely enjoyed this one.  It wasn’t a difficult book to read so it went by super quickly.  It’s basically your typical chick lit book and I haven’t read one of those in a while so I devoured it.  It was a light read, fun, and had a lot of romance in it as well as plot twists (especially at the end, omg).

The characters: Serena, Zoe, Chase, and Nick were basically the most important characters in this book.  While I did admire Serena and her dedication to her work as an editor at Vogue, I found her to be a little shallow at times.  She was very concerned about brand labels to the point that it was a little distracting.  It was always: let me put on my Dior dress or my Chanel shoes or whatever brand is out there.  Some of the brands, I’d never even heard about so I guess that shows how limited my knowledge is in the fashion world.  But at the same time though, I understand why she’s very stuck on fashion and brand names – as an editor in one of the most prestigious magazines in the world, she has to be but I wish it was a little more subdued.  Another thing I noticed about Serena is that she’s something that doesn’t think with her head but follows her heart to the point that she becomes a little wishy washy.  It’s always good to follow your heart but sometimes you need to think logically as well.  I mean, at the end, she even asked to change her entire future based on a whim and basically destroy her own career.  It was definitely a little baffling.  And then she reconsidered and called back to reverse her own decision. 

I really liked Zoe.  She was a little shifty at the beginning because she kept hiding her secrets and whatnot and especially because she offered a random stranger to bunk with her in the suite so I thought maybe there was an ulterior motive to her readily offering up her place other than needing fashion advice.  I’m not sure if I can be that trusting.  What is Serena was actually a crazy person?  Thankfully she wasn’t but still.  I also liked how down to earth she is.  Even though she’s the daughter of one of the richest person in the world, she was very chill and actually very family oriented.  I’m not sure if that’s realistic because it seems to me that all the famous people only care about money, clothes, fame and sex.  Not necessarily in that order so for her to really care about her parents and their well-being was endearing to read about.  And the fact that her father still loved his wife after 30 something years (come on, we all know how short those Hollywood weddings are) was incredible.

Chase was the scum of the earth.  That’s pretty much all I can say about him.  Right from the beginning, I could smell his dirty ass miles away.  He’s such a user – he literally only cared about Serena because it advanced his own political career.  And as soon as he realized that there was a scandal with Serena’s parents, previous US senator, he immediately came over to Cannes, bumped her, and told her it was over.  Like WTF.  I mean, good thing he came over in person to break it off because otherwise it would suck but did you really have to sleep with her and then tell her?  Have some decency, dude.  And he turned right around and started hooking up with this girl whose father also had some political ties.  What an ass. 

As soon as Nick appeared, I knew something was going to happen between him and Serena.  It was pretty obvious but I was interested to see how it would unfold.  He was so much sweeter than Chase and it was obvious from the beginning that he was into Serena but of course, Serena didn’t even notice because she was so distracted with her life back home and with her parent’s scandal.  The one thing I was shocked was to hear his family’s background.  Imagine my surprise.  Such a crazy plot twist – definitely did not see that one coming at all especially since he introduced his sister like two seconds before dropping the bomb.

Overall, the one thing I can say is that this book is very fast paced.  You’re jumping back and forth between five different things that sometimes you need to sit back a little and take a breather.  The ending was also kind of abrupt and I wish there was a little something about how her parents would react to Nick.  However, I guess I can just use my imagination… Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m glad to see that I have a few other of her novels thanks to St. Martin’s.  J



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