Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Guild Hunter Series (#1-2) by Nalini Singh

Guild Hunter (#1-2) by Nalini Singh
Published between 2009-2010
Summary on Goodreads
Pretty sure it has been months since I picked up the first book in the series and my interest just petered off.  I had these books on audiobook format and for some reason, they weren’t working on my phone and only my laptop so I started to listen to this series while I was cooking and going about the apartment.  But the thing was that I often had other things I needed to do so this book/series just started to find its way at the back of my head and I slowly lost interest. 

Not only did circumstances made me lose interest, the characters and the plot never really grabbed my attention.  The whole situation between Raphael and Elena never seemed entirely realistic in any way and the flow seemed a little strange to me.  For example, I still don’t fully understand how they fell in love with each other.  Elena went to visit him for a business meeting and one or two meetings later, they can’t stop thinking about each other.  Then – and I’m really confused with this part – she shot him because he scared her and this somehow cemented their relationship?  The logic behind a lot of the scenes in the first book was a little mind-boggling.  So when it ended, I was mostly curious about what would happen with this strange relationship that I read the second book.  However, other than the fact that these two were weirdly jealous of other men/women and kept referring to it, the main plot in Archangel’s Kiss was just Elena dealing with the Asian archangel, Lijuan.  And when I finished the book, I was still not 100% sure what ultimately happened with Lijuan.  I mean, from what I understood, she died or was no longer corporal but was somehow able to communicate with Raphael?  It was just too confusing. 

I also didn’t really like any of the side characters like Elena’s work buddies and best friends nor any of Raphael’s cadre.  They all seemed a little two-dimensional for me.  I’m saying two dimensional because they weren’t entirely one dimensional lol.  Is two dimensional even a thing?  I have no idea.  Regardless, I simply wasn’t really a fan of the series.  There were just a lot of issues with the book that I couldn’t deal or figure out.  I’m not sure if I would recommend it but if you have a lot of free time, I guess go for it?



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