Friday, December 30, 2016

Emily's Guest Post Series #9

Why Book Covers Are Important (But also Why They Are Not) 

As writers, our stories are our children. The oldest is often the most misunderstood and he/she has always left a trial ablaze of reminders on how you as a parent have failed them: a character misplaced, a plot unresolved, a premise unraveled. You moan over how your text seems to fall flat on imagination just like how your real/future baby does not have the exact big eyes or small nose you imagined or the smarts to always get straight As in school. You can't help but wonder why stories by everyone else is so polished with the right font and the right title and you think that your baby will never get there.

It's okay - how people perceive our stories is important. People make judgment calls; it's how we make choices on buying fresh produce or stray away from expired foods. It's natural to want something beautiful and keep it that way. But creation comes from a chain of disasters - mud becomes soil only when earth rots and growth only comes when fruit is eaten and the wrinkled seed finds land.

My advice as a writer - don't be too concerned about what your book will look like. Be wildly persistent on who your baby is going to be.

My advice as a reader - don't stop being who you are and understand your taste. But remember the old adage that looks are deceiving. Real value, like stocks, come from diversification and giving what counts a chance.

Emily Gong



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