Monday, November 14, 2016

The Infinity of You & Me by J.Q. Coyle

The Infinity of You & Me by J.Q. Coyle
Published November 8, 2016
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Now I remember why I used to avoid doing a lot of blog tours (even though they’re fantastic and a lot of fun) but I realized that the biggest downside is that you have to finish reading the book so you can actually write a review on it unless you opt for something else (i.e. giveaway, interview, etc.) instead.  While, I enjoyed reading The Infinity of You & Me, I found the plot very confusing to the point that I considered putting it down but then I remembered this blog tour…so I strived forward.

I think the most confusing thing about the plot was that the whole spandrel thing was never clearly explained.  There were just random tidbits left here and there and the reader is supposed to piece everything together but with a lot of action going on, it’s difficult to separate from what was necessary to understand the spandrel concept and what was just plot fodder.  Also, a lot of information wasn’t completely pieced together until the last few chapters when things finally come together but by then, a lot of readers might have already given this book up.  It wasn’t also just the whole spandrel thing, it was also the different triggers for different spandrels, how one could enter someone else’s alternate reality, how to create your own branch, etc.  Honestly, it was just all very confusing.

I was not a huge fan of Alicia – the main protagonist in this book.  I found her somewhat dull and I simply could not connect with her.  I also didn’t really understand her fascination with Jax since there was pretty much little to no interaction between the two and suddenly, she realized that she had intense feelings for him?  Say what?  It just didn’t make any sense to me especially since they could only interact when she succeeded in entering that parallel world.  I would have understood it a little more if she found interest in her one true friend but at the same time, they were merely platonic friends.  Another thing I couldn’t get about Alicia was the fact that she was so timid especially in the beginning when she couldn’t make decisions without freaking out and getting hallucinations.  I’m the type of person who would be aggravated and frustrated if I met someone like her because I simply cannot stand people who aren’t confident (or seem confident) or just simply have a very weak personality.  And Alicia most definitely had a very weak personality.

Another thing I couldn’t comprehend was the fact that her own mother was allowing Alicia to think that she was going crazy and that there was something wrong with her when she knew full well what exactly was going on.  I mean, she even got her going to a therapist to talk things out and take medications to suppress those symptoms.  I guess, in her own way, she was trying to get Alicia to be normal, but having your own daughter think she is going crazy and taking medications isn’t okay.  At least isn’t in my book.

Overall, I found this book to be just okay – I didn’t particularly like the characters and I found the plot to be difficult to fully comprehend.  The premise sounded really promising but I think the execution was a bit lacking.  However, if you enjoy complicated plots and sci-fi/fantasy novels then definitely give this one a shot.




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