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The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White
Published September 10, 2013
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I’m not sure why I had chosen this book for the NYPL Read Harder Challenge (read a book set in the Middle East) because it’s not really set in the Middle East. More like set in freaking California and in the beginning, Egypt, which isn’t even considered as Middle East. Isn’t it part of Africa? Or at least it is, geographically speaking? But I guess Goodreads included this book when I was looking at this Listopias for advice for this category. Oh well, I guess. I’m still counting it LOL. 

This was actually a very short read with a plot twist at the end. At least, it was a plot twist for me since I was most certainly not expecting the culprit to be this person. I guess, I half expected it, to some degree, but there was definitely an element to it that caught me off guard. Also, I definitely foresaw the whole Ry situation as well and his family background. So, to me, that was pretty predictable and I blame Isadora and her upbringing for not even considering that there are others. 

Isadora is someone I would consider a little na├»ve but then got her dreams and hopes dashed and then became incredibly cynical and jaded. I’m saying this because even though she clearly knew that she was a human born from gods, she somehow expected them to keep her alive forever even though none of her siblings before her stayed alive after reaching a ripe old age or dying from natural causes. And when she found out, she threw a fit. I mean, what did you expect? Plus, she was horrified to find that she and her family was essentially building a tomb for her as if they were welcoming her to death. Um, hello, your family are Egyptian deities who basically worship death so yes, of course, they would expect you to create and decorate your own tomb. And then after she found out otherwise, she then became jaded and never allowed herself to feel anything important for fear of losing it at the end – because nothing lasts forever. Talk about jaded, ya know? 

I really liked the side characters specifically Taylor (wait, I honestly forgot if that was her name…or if it was Tyler) and Ry. I think without them, Isadora would remain that moody kid. However, despite me liking the side characters, honestly, none of the characters were particularly developed – even Isadora. They were a little too 2D for me. 

The plot had ups and downs. Some of it was highly predictable – Ry’s situation – yet others came as a surprise. There were also some confusing elements to the whole story especially with Isadora’s mom and the dreams. The dreams were definitely a confusing aspect of the book. 

Overall, I’m not sure if I would recommend this book but I guess if you enjoy reading about Egyptian deities, give this book a shot. It was just interesting to me because I feel that this topic isn’t heavily addressed especially in the YA-sphere. A lot of the mythologies these days are Nordic and Greek origins. So this one was definitely refreshing with a new topic.



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