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Faeriewalker Series (#2-3.5) by Jenna Black

Faeriewalker Series (#2-3.5) by Jenna Black
Published between 2010-2012
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I was excited to find that this series had an end (so unlike a lot of books out there where the ending is nowhere in sight) and since I read the first book a while ago, I was glad to finally finish the series.  It always feels good to actually finish an entire series because you know the story is actually done as opposed to constantly waiting for the next one and being patient (everyone who knows me, knows that I am far from patient).

Anyways, moving on: if there was one word to describe Dana, it would be pushover.  And probably naïve, to be honest.  I felt like she was always being manipulated into doing something or at least talked into doing something even though she clearly knew it was a bad idea.  Or she’ll just be manipulated into doing something and then realize that she fell into a hole.  And the thing was that she never learned from her mistake.  No wonder the Erlking found her so amusing because again and again, she fell into his traps.  Other than her being incredibly gullible and naïve and possibly her inability to share information with her supposed best friends, I did like her overall.  I found her to be very caring especially towards her loved ones which is why she always ended up in a trap from the Erlking.  She was incredibly protective of those she cared about and that most likely her best quality.  Personally, I think the only smart thing she did was at the end when she bargained with Titania and even then, it was a gamble. 

The other characters – Keane, Kimber, Ethan, Finn and even the Erlking did a nice job supporting the overall plot.  I really liked the dynamic between Kimber and Keane even though it wasn’t very emphasized.  I still don’t really understand the attraction between Ethan and Dana, however.  It seemed that she was mostly into him due to his looks (unless it was mentioned in the first book in which case, I completely forget since it has been years since I picked that up).  At least Ethan seemed to mature in the last book compared to the second one.  As for the Erlking – I found him hilarious especially when every single time, he would manipulate Dana and she would fall for it all over again.  He was such a troll in some way. 

The one thing I was a little confused about was the plot – it seemed that both the Seelie and the Unseelie court was against Dana yet the entire series ended with her only resolving thing with Titania of the Seelie court.  What about the Unseelie court and Mab, their queen?  The novella at the end touched a little bit on Mab’s daughter but it definitely in no way resolved anything with Mab herself.  So the ending was a little disappointing because the entire situation hasn’t been resolved completely and you’re left wondering what will happen in the future and if Dana will be assassinated or whatever by Mab.  That was definitely the main disappointer in this series.

Overall, it was a decent series and I’m glad that I have finished it.  Would have enjoyed it a little more if things were a little more resolved and if Dana wasn’t such a pushover though.  However, I would still recommend this to those who are into fae and whatnot.




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