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Cassandra Palmer Series (#5-7) by Karen Chance

Cassandra Palmer Series (#5-7) by Karen Chance
Published between 2011-2015
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I have to say, I used to be such a big fan of Cassandra Palmer but now that I went back to the series and was catching up on the last few books (apparently it’s still not done as there’s supposed to be a book 8 sometime next year), I realized how much I dislike Cassie.

In the beginning, I was doing catch up on reminding myself what went on in the earlier books since it’s been a while.  Honestly I should stop reading series that is still ongoing after 10 years and only has like 7 books out.  I think if you’ve been writing for 10 years, you either need to be done by now (i.e. Harry Potter) or at least have a shit ton out (i.e. Anita Blake series with 25 books in 12 years) so your readers don’t have to wait a minimum of 2 years for the next one.  How do you expect them to remember exactly what went on?  Do you expect them to put aside all books so yours is still fresh in their mind or do you expect them to reread the entire series again or do you expect them to just remember cause your book(s) were just that good??  I’m really curious.  With that being said, I’m going to put aside the Cassie Palmer series now because it doesn’t seem like there is any kind of ending in sight and I hate that feeling of catching up and you’re in that limbo for the first half of the book where you kind of remember but not really.

Anyways, the one thing I can say about this series is that Cassie Palmer is incredibly annoying.  As a protagonist and supposedly this powerful being, the Pythia, she is unbelievably slow, grouchy, short-tempered, single-minded (in a bad way), and overall just plain stupid.  And the crazy thing is that I’m not the only one who thinks she is all of the above.  For example, Rosier, Pritkin’s father, rebuked her being one of the dumbest and slow-witted Pythia of all times.  A Pythia is supposed to be incredibly powerful yet every time someone told her something, she was literally just be like “uh…I don’t know anything.”  Dude, if you don’t know something, freaking find out!  Why wait until someone points out to you about a crucial fact and you’re literally just standing there acting all dumb and shit.  And you already know that you have a huge learning curve yet you find other things to be more important like food.  Do you know how many times Cassie yells at people because something food-related?  Probably like a gazillion times.  She gets incredibly grouchy, single-minded and short-tempered when food isn’t there when it should be or if someone wanted a bite from hers. Girl, you need to relax and rather than arguing about something as benign as food, figure out how to be a Pythia that people can actually respect.  Because, I for one, do not respect her at all.  Another thing that I don’t like about her is the fact that she’s always running away.  I mean, she even stated “running away is what I’m good at” but that’s not a quality a leader should have.  Yes, a leader should know when is a good time to retreat but that shouldn’t be their default setting and for Cassie, most of the time it is.  She’s always shifting away from problems or shifting away to solve her problems.  It was just so irritating to read about someone who is supposedly really powerful yet really not.

Also the relationship with Mircea seemed forced.  I’m not sure how the relationship started since I’m sure that probably started in the first book or two; however, from book five where I picked up, I didn’t really see the spark between the two.  In book five, he was at least around half the time but in book 6 or even book 7, he was only mentioned a few times.  He essentially disappeared and was only mentioned when his vampires, those guarding Cassie, referred to him.  Otherwise, he himself barely showed up so it seemed like the relationship was over but then randomly he would show up, either IRL or thru her dreams/vision, and they would have hot sex.  At the same time, when he showed up, they would argue about how Cassie should go about in doing things and she would essentially refuse to do anything he said because he was “telling her to do so” rather than having her figure out what she can/will do.  What she didn’t understand that things are time sensitive so she’s an idiot for being wishy washy and that there are times when it’s best when someone tells you what to do because they’re either right or they’re giving you another perspective.  So anyways I’m still not really sure what the whole relationship was based on.  And it seemed as if she also had feelings for Pritkin since she was literally chasing him through the ends of time to save him and they even did some hunky business at one point.  So…still not sure where either Mircea or Pritkin stands in front of Cassie.

Anyways, I should really stop bashing on her but ugh, she made me angry in so many ways.  With that being said, I’m not going to continue with her nonsense but hey, if you have time and want to read an urban fantasy with vampires and time traveling, by all means.



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