Wednesday, October 12, 2016

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
Published March 1991
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Three words: What. The. Fuck.  This pretty much summarizes the entire book.  I was pretty much going from bored to confused to bored to shocked to really confused to bored and back all over again.  So this is pretty much a classic – there’s been a film about this and recently there was a broadway show which I had really wanted to see but it didn’t show for very long so I completely missed out.  However, this is the weirdest book because it definitely has some weird psychological twist to it that makes you wonder about the reality of things.

First of all, there’s Pat Bateman who is most definitely a psychotic lunatic.  In the beginning, I was just bored with him because he seemed so bland and boring.  He seemed like the typical Wall Street guy today but more flamboyant in his attire and habits then the other Wall Street guys I know today.  He was very very detailed on the brands on his clothing from going all the way to what kind of socks he was wearing and whatnot to his friends’ clothings as well as detailing almost everything from what he ordered at a restaurant to what his friends’ ordered to how many reps he did at the gym.  Everything was just so incredibly detailed that I was easily bored with it.  I mean, honestly, what’s the point in detailing every single brand or exactly what you ate.  However, I guess this was just a way to showcase what kind of person Pat is. 

Also, I want to admit that I never read or heard anything about the plot for American Psycho.  I heard of the name and whatnot but never got into the details of the story.  So when the first murder occurred, I was pretty much like WHAT THE FUCK – it was so detailed and vivid.  And when the second, third, fourth, etc. murder occurred, it only got more and more detailed and more and more vivid that I actually got squeamish from reading and imagining it.  And I’m not the type of person who usually gets squeamish from reading about something – maybe if I’m watching it but definitely not from simply reading about it.  I’m not even sure what I was expecting from this book but horrifying murders certainly wasn’t it.  And I didn’t even get the whole purpose of these murders.  Some of them I understood like the revenge types but a lot of them seemed pointless like the little boy or the random prostitutes he would murder while having sex with them.  I think those were the most brutal because you’re reading an erotic scene and then all of a sudden, BAM, organs being pulled out, body parts being bitten off or sawed off, etc.  My face was a perpetual UGH during these scenes.

And the craziest thing actually happened at the end when I personally felt that all hell broke loose and when reality disappeared.  I won’t go too much into detail but I’m sure you can find spoilers everywhere on the internet since apparently critics are still baffled about what actually happened.  I’m certainly still baffled.  All I know is that apparently some of the murders didn’t happen but I’m not sure if it’s just some or all or if everything was just his imagination.  And if it was just his imagination then he has some fucked up imagination. 

Overall, my mind is still reeling from this book.  I still can’t fully comprehend what went on especially in the last few chapters – it was like everything was relatively straight forward and then shit hit the fan.  I can’t say if I would recommend this book because it’s a little out there plus it’s very descriptive in all its gory glory.  However, this book is still considered as a classic so if that’s something you’re trying to get into, then check this one out. Maybe you’ll make better sense of it then me.  Or if you’re trying to do a challenge (like me and the Read Harder Challenge) then have a go at it.


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