Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Unremembered Series by Jessica Brody

Unremembered Series by Jessica Brody
Published between 2013-2015

I found this series to be fascinating especially since I can definitely see the world heading in this direction especially if the Apocalypse has not yet happened (or the Revelation if you’re religious).  There are a lot of concerns and topics that were addressed in these books that I found incredibly relevant.  Particularly topics such as the gas/fuel outage, the rise of technology and human’s dependence on it, how the government and/or large corporations want to control the normal population, etc.

Sera, or Seraphina, the main girl in the series, was never really introduced as someone with no feelings or very robotic.  Right from the start, she seemed like a normal human girl who just survived some sort of crash and was simply confused.  So when Zen or someone else tried to tell her what she used to be like, it wasn’t something I could easily imagine.  I mean, granted, the way how she talked and referred to things did seem a bit robotic but she quickly overcame that so I never really got the impression that she was manufactured.  Even though she was easily controlled by her creators aka Dr. A, I still found her very strong to be able to hold on and remember Zen despite the many memory wipes.  I would definitely consider her as a strong character.  The only time I would consider her as weak would be in the second book when she basically cheated on Zen with Kaelen because she felt this “intense chemistry”.  So much for true love, right?

Zen was a character I couldn’t really connect with.  I’m not sure why I’m like eh to him but for some reason he seemed weak to me.  This was especially true in the third book when Sera got taken away and he literally just broke down.  And then he spent the next three years alternating between waiting for her and trying to get back.  It was as if his whole life revolved around her and for me, that seemed weak and not that romantic. 

Kaelen, the seemingly perfect guy and Print Mate for Sera, was and always will be a dick in my eyes. I don’t care how he was portrayed in the third book with all his perfect ways, his action in the second book will forever label him as asshole.  Not to mention, in the third book, he had these intense temper rages which resulted in multiple dead people.  How can Sera really love someone like that even though she was “designed” to love him?  I mean, she clearly knew it was wrong yet she overlooked it the first time and again the second time.  There was just so much going wrong for this guy – I don’t even really know where to begin.

Also, the ending was just so disappointing to me. I was hoping that Sera and Zen would end up together but it was like this weird twist in the plot.  I mean, they did end up together but not in the way you would expect.  At first, I was a little confused that I had to go back and reread the “epilogue” again.  I mean, I guess it worked, just not in the way I was hoping.  Also, the whole thing about Sera and Kaelen’s true origins made a lot of sense.  There definitely had to be a reason for Sera to gain humanity despite being a manufactured creation.

Overall, I still highly recommend this novel.  Shoutouts to Cody – especially in the first book when his adorable crush on Sera.  It was still an overall enjoyable read so if you’re into sci-fi and romance, definitely check it out.




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