Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to Be Brave by E. Katherine Kottaras + GIVEAWAY

How to Be Brave by E. Katherine Kottaras
Published November 3, 2015

Finally got a chance to read this book and I have an extra copy so scroll down for my GIVEAWAY! J
I didn’t realize that the book was centered on this Greek family so it was a pleasant surprise mainly because my current company that I work for is a Greek-owned company so all of the higher-ups are Greek either naturalized from Greece or Greek-American.  There were a lot of words, phrases, gestures and even the way how they act had a direct connection with my coworkers.  It was just interesting to be able to connect those things together and get a better understanding of Georgia and even my coworkers.

Let’s talk about Georgina – I have mixed feelings about her.  In a way, she was a goody two shoes – always following directions and never taking any real risks and that was something I didn’t particularly like.  I mean, let’s be honest - goody two shoes are boring.  However, I did like her initiative to make that “how to be brave” list or, should I really call it, “bucket list”.  I did find some of her goals to be a little silly though such as cutting class but other ones like asking her crush out without waiting for him to do it was quite progressive.  So that was something I definitely liked.  On the other hand, without Liss, her best friend, Georgina would not have followed through with most of the items on her list especially with things like skinny dipping.  While I thought she was “brave” for trying things out, there was a lot of pushing from the others around her for her to actually follow though.

I also thought this book had a lot of stereotypes.  Georgina was the typical fat girl who was bullied by your usual popular girls, who, long and behold, were cheerleaders.  Stereotype much?  As for her best friend, Liss, who was only “unpopular” because she hung out with Georgina on a regular basis but was still friendly with the popular people who made fun of her best friend.  (I also just want to mention: how is that good best friend behavior? Hanging out with people who literally bullied your supposed best friend on a daily basis? Not to mention but I think Liss has a terrible personality – when the whole ordeal with Evelyn occurred, she basically brushed Evelyn off by stating “we only hung out with her to get high – we only used her” while Georgina still cared enough to visit.  Honestly, do you really want to be friends with someone with that personality?) And then there was Evelyn who was your stereotypical rich (I think she was relatively well off) and was constantly high and was a huge attention seeker.  I just feel like the characters were all super stereotypical and weren’t particularly original. 

However, despite my bashing with the characters, I did enjoy the overall plot.  I found the family issue between her and her father to be realistic and endearing.  While they seemed a little distant from one another, you can clearly tell that they care deeply for each other.  I also really liked the dancing part – one of her “bucket list” item was to try tribal dancing or something – especially with the fact that Georgina continued to go even after trying the first time and she even went by herself.  I thought that was quite brave.  A lot of people I know hate going to classes by themselves – they always try to drag a friend with them or they simply won’t go until they have someone else to go with.

Overall, the book was okay – I think I would like to make a more concrete bucket list for myself as well since right now, it’s a little up in the air and I just have goals but it’ll be nice to make an actual list.



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  1. I want to finish writing a novel.

  2. I would love to travel to Hawaii

  3. Seems simple enough but a Caribbean cruise is on my bucket list! No technology, completely unplugged :)

  4. Finish a very large Cross-Stitch project.

  5. I would love to travel to England.

  6. Bucket list items are travel to China, New Zealand and Australia.

  7. I would love to go to hawaii someday with my husband and go on a cruise ship too.