Friday, September 30, 2016

Emily's Guest Post Series #7

How do I research for a book?

My advice pertains mostly to those who do not do writing full-time and often just sneak snippets of half hours to scribble. I start with suggesting that everyone find out where their nearest library is and begin there. Reading is the only way to learn how and what to write (You frankly don't need me to tell you this but it's good to remember when you start tallying away your "can'ts" today). Regardless if it's brainstorming for an idea or brainstorming for setting, identifying a primer into your imaginary world is essential to your continual pursuit of completing your story. 

Examples: J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter Series ---Possible Primers: The Legend of Arthur, the Bible, British History Andy Weir - The Martian --- Possible Primers: Robinson Crusoe, Arthur K. Clark, Science Mark Twain - Huckleberry Finn --- Possible Primers: Folklores, Uncle Tom's Cabin Like a well-wired compass, these primers serve as ports and anchors on how you can revisit your imaginary world in between your writing shifts and keep your mind focused. Be your own cartographer and build a mind map. All in all, I implore you to enjoy your time as a captain lost out at sea. 

Emily Gong



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