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Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published between 2011-2013

I have to say, the biggest mistake and atrocity in this book was the main character – Alex.  I hated her – she was annoying, childish, stubborn and incredibly stupid.  Obviously, I still finished the series and it had nothing to do with her.  It was all about two things: the fact that this book is a twist on the Greek mythology and everyone knows I love this topic and Aiden St. Delphi.  If it wasn’t for these two things, I would have thrown these books halfway across the world by now.

Alright, time for a rant on Ms. Alex here.  Like I said, I hated her.  I found her completely irresponsible, selfish, and the worst part, so incredibly immature.  She never listened to what others were saying and would explode in rage at any possible moment.  Her first instinct whenever things didn’t go her way was violence.  Every single time (and it was pretty often), something or someone would do something that completely went against what she was either aiming for or wished for, her immediate thought would be “I want to drop kick him/her” or “I want to butterfly kick his/her ass”.  How is that for maturity?  And the one thing I hated most about her was the fact that every single time someone was trying to calmly explain something to her, she would act out and scream at them “I’m not a child!!” Well, if you’re going to scream at them and say that then YES you are a child.  It was just incredibly irritating to listen to her whine and bitch about stupid things.  Also, most of the time, she would know that she was being a brat yet she wouldn’t do anything about it.  And in the last book, she kept silently congratulating herself being so much more mature and how much she had grown and I’m like, no, you’re still immature and you’re still a brat and you are still annoying.  Stop kidding yourself.  Anyways, that’s the end of my Alex rant.  There were so many times I wanted to go in there and smack her myself.

Now as for the Greek mythology aspect – I was honestly on the fence about this because while I enjoy reading about different twists on mythology, this one was a bit odd.  For example, the pures in this book are supposedly directly descended from the gods themselves but how exactly are they descended from them?  I was under the impression that they were the products of a god and a mortal but then they also discussed about demigods and I know those for sure are from a god and a mortal so how exactly do pures come in all of this?  I felt like this wasn’t mentioned to the extent I would have wanted them to be so it was a little vague.  As for the half-bloods, obviously they are half pure and half mortal but are they really half-bloods or more like quarter bloods especially if the pures themselves are half gods and half mortals?  The overall concept was certainly a little confusing.

Moving along to Aiden now – he was the definition of perfection.  He was kind hearted, strong, courageous, patient and incredibly hot.  How exactly he managed to fall in love with Alex, that piece of shit, is beyond me.  I honestly cannot fathom it whatsoever.  I’m just glad he was here in this book to create some sort of buffer between Alex’s ridiculous antics and his maturity.  Alex think she’s mature?  No, it’s Aiden who is mature.  However, I did think he was becoming a little less mature as the books went on – most likely because a certain someone was influencing him in a negative way. 

I also want to discuss about Seth a little bit because I really do think he was a little misunderstood at times.  The one thing that confused me and still confuses me is: what exactly did Ares and Lucien have on Seth to force him to act as their executioner?  I thought it was Alex but was it really?  Also, I really liked him in the beginning despite his obvious playboy status because he was funny and entertaining.  Plus, he really cared about Alex (again, WHY).  But when he went crazy for a book or two, I was a little taken aback because he seemed so secure previously but I guess you don’t truly know someone until he or she becomes addicted to something.  In his case, he became power hungry.  At least he redeemed himself at the end and used all of his efforts to help Alex win.

Overall, the series was interesting with the whole Apollyon concept but, honestly, other than that, the MC, Alex, was terrible and the plot itself was a little confusing at times.  If you’re a diehard Greek mythology fan like me then check this out because it’ll still be worth your time; otherwise, forget about it.




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