Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Morganville Vampires Series (#11-15) by Rachel Caine

The Morganville Vampire Series (#11-15) by Rachel Caine
Published between 2011-2013

I’ve always been a fan of the Morganville vampire series so I was glad to see that this book finally had an ending to it.  It was a pretty long series at 15 books total.  That being said, none of the books were terribly long so they went by relatively quickly.

To put it straight: I have a love/hate relationship with Claire.  While I love her because she cares so much and wants the best out of everyone, I also hate her because there are times when she would put herself in a situation that she could have easily avoided if she wanted to.  Which ended causing a lot of drama or even a whole book to figuring out how to solve that problem.  The one book I didn’t particularly like was book 14, Fall of Night, where she decides to go to Cambridge to finally visit MIT.  For some reason, I get the impression that the author was tired of writing about Morganville so she wanted a change of scenery hence Cambridge, Mass.  And of course, things happen while Claire is there but if she didn’t go, none of that would have happened.  After the end of book 13, Bitter Blood, things have finally settled down, for once, so why did Claire felt the need go to MIT and stir shit up again?  And then of course, Rachel, the author, decided to write two more books out of the whole thing.  She could have easily ended things after Bitter Blood but nope, she kept it rolling.

I liked Shane, Claire’s boyfriend.  He definitely changed a lot since book one and you can see how much he had changed in these last few books.  He thinks more before he rushes to do something and he’s a lot smarter now.  In fact, all of the other characters, Eve and Michael, have all been rubbed by Claire. 

SPOILER ALERT: I also thought that the last book with the bite and everything, was completely unnecessary.  Not to mention, the “cure” too was also crazily nonsensical.  First of all, how come that vampire cure just so happened to work on Michael and none of the other dozens of vampires that they were tested on?  Second, how come that cure didn’t kill Oliver yet killed the others?  There was no logic behind this.  And finally, how come a vampire cure was able to cure a “hellhound” bite which was basically a werewolf bite, by the way?  That last part made absolutely zero sense.  While I liked the series, I think Rachel did a hazardous job on the last one.  END OF SPOILER.

Sorry for that spoiler paragraph, I usually try to avoid any real spoilers but I could not help this one.  Anyways, moving on to Myrnin, my absolute favorite vampire in this entire series.  When he was first introduced, I was a little wary of him because he was basically a schizophrenic with crazy mood swings and I was always worried for Claire for spending time with him.  However, he has really changed throughout the series and he seemed almost normal in the last few novels.  I think it’s hilarious when he comes in wearing some crazy outfit.  And despite his weird mood swings, you can tell how much he cares for Claire.  To be honest, it would have been interesting to see a bit of Claire and Myrnin action.  I mean, everyone already thinks there is something going on, so…why not? Haha

Overall, I liked the series.  I’m just surprised that Morganville has survived as long as it did.  I feel like without Claire, the vampires there would have died already.  She helped them through so many vampire-related issues such as the disease or the long sworn enemy or the coup or everything else that happened.  Regardless, I highly recommend these books.  They’re super entertaining and fun to read.




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