Friday, August 26, 2016

The A Circuit Series by Georgina Bloomberg

The A Circuit Series by Georgina Bloomberg
Published between 2011-2013

I’d always been into horses and growing up, I never got any opportunity to ride horses since it was usually relatively expensive either for a simple lesson or a trail ride.  So for me, equestrian is basically a rich person’s sport.  Horses are incredibly expensive and lessons and board and overall training and basic care cost a fortune.  So picking up a series devoted to the A circuit was a like reading about something I had always wanted to do since I was young.

However, I do have relatively mixed feelings about this book because some of the characters really stood out to me while others simply irked and annoyed me to no end.  Out of the three main characters, Tommi, Zara and Kate, I think Tommi was most relatable to me despite the fact that she’s essentially a billionaire’s daughter but I think her priorities, personality and character resonated most with me.  She’s responsible, punctual and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.  Of course, she’s still a teenager and therefore makes irresponsible decisions at times but at the end of the day, you can clearly tell what is important to her and how she will still make things work.  Plus, there was this one scene with her and Zara where she promised to pick Zara up to drive down for this show and even though she went to bed late and was out partying, she still managed to drive from the Hamptons to Zara’s place on time because horsemanship was important to her whereas Zara was also partying the night before and completely forgot that Tommi was coming to pick her up and slept in.  I feel like that example clearly personifies me as a person as well.  I take my responsibilities seriously and if I say I will do or be somewhere, I’ll do/be there.  I just wish there was more information on the ending about her and her potential buy/sell horses in a professional manner.

Zara kind of annoyed me in the first book because she was portrayed as this wild child and was not responsible whatsoever.  She didn’t care that a lot of choices she made directly impacted those around her and in a negative way too.  She was always tardy for her lessons, she was reckless and caused a huge accident at the stable, etc.  However, I think she changed the most throughout the series.  By the end of the last book, you can tell how much she had grown as a person overall.   She cared a lot more about horses and riding and took her duties more seriously.  I definitely liked her by the end of the books.

The one person that I was just okay with in the beginning and later just downright annoyed me was Kate.  I found her timid, meek, incredibly uptight and way too stressed out for me.  She was basically OCD but in terms of her responsibilities rather than cleanliness.  Not sure if you guys have noticed but I have this tendency to dislike weak characters and she was by far one of the weakest I have encountered.  She would take on all these responsibilities even while knowing that she can’t possibly juggle riding, working, and dealing with school, homework and exams.  But she’ll try to take it all on and then it started to detriment her health which caused her to outright faint in front of everyone while riding and freaked everyone out.  At the end of the day, it wasn’t only detrimental to herself but to everyone around her.  Her friends had to literally remind her at every meal if she ate or slept enough.  I honestly can’t handle people like her.  She was also incredibly wishy-washy – she couldn’t make any tough decisions to save her life and she would put it off until either someone else made the decision for her or if circumstances forced the decision on her.  And it pissed me off because when it happened and it wasn’t something she was particularly happy about, she would immediately cry and feel sorry for herself.  Even with small decisions like putting off some time to grab food with her boyfriend, she would go back and forth between a simple yes or a simple no and once she made the decision, the chances of her being talked out of it was incredibly high.  It was honestly so irritating.  

However, despite my annoyance with Kate, the other two, Zara and Tommi, and the story itself made me persevere.  Honestly, I really did like reading about all the shows and the lessons and the horses themselves.  I found it incredibly interesting but I wish it was more of a two person’s POV rather than three.  Perhaps that would have made things a little better overall.




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